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CANON REFERENCES - Spelling and Capitalization

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The links below are what the admins on this site refer to whenever there is a question as to canon spellings and/or capitalizations of Harry Potter words and terminology. If we ask for a change in spelling or capitalization to a canon word, and you are unsure as to why we have asked for it, it is more than likely that you will find it listed in one of these links.

Sycophant Hex's Canon List of Words
An alphabetical list compiled by SH admins of canon words. Frequently updated, this shows US and UK canon words and spans all the HP books.

Mrs Muggle's Potterwords List
Now including some US along with the UK canon words, this is an excellent reference when pondering spelling and capitalization of canon terminology.

HBP Canon Info - US Version
Southern Witch's compilation of canon terminology as seen in the US version of Half-Blood Prince. (A work in progress.)

HPL: Potterwords
The HP Lexicon also has a list of canon terminology that is useful.

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