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My Bio

Name: TycheSong
Age: 30
Favorite Pairing: Severus Snape and Hermione Granger
Least Favorite Pairing: Anything including Lord Voldemort or Pansy Parkinson
Willing to Try: Anything. No really, honestly anything.
But I get squicked by: Adultery, Major Character Death, Rape

Feel free to contact/find/follow/friend me in any of these places, I will always accept friend requests!:
TycheSong at LiveJournal
TycheSong on FaceBook
@Tyche_Song on Twitter


Hello and Welcome: Thanks so much for stopping by my profile! If you would like to stalk me in more detail, the best places to look are Live Journal and FaceBook. I am especially active in both of these places under the same name, and love to make new friends! Links to all the places I archive and general update information for my stories are below. :-) I welcome all reviews, art and requests to translate any of my fics into another language--there can be no greater compliment to a writer than when someone takes the time to let you know their thoughts or when their own muse is stirred. If you do happen to create any art for or wish to translate one of my fics, PLEASE let me know--I would love to display it or links on both LJ and TMB, and offer effusive thanks and praise for your efforts.

Due to the number of projects I have started and an increasingly busy Real Life, I am currently not accepting alpha or beta requests at this time. Once you post, feel free to ask me to read, however--I am always looking for fic recs! If you are an artist or a writer who wishes to collaborate with me on something, please pm me and let me know--I can't guarantee that I will always have the time, but I will usually say yes, as collaborating is one of my favourite things to do!


Wee Tiny Song was born on March 19. 2014. She is (of course) the most beautiful child in the universe. I'm totally unbiased in this. ;-) She was 7 lbs, 11 oz (about 3.49 kg) and 19 inches (48.26 cm) long at birth.

At the end of one of my fics, Getting Past Broken, I mention the SSHG Prompt Fest on Live Journal. I highly encourage everyone to join in the fun as either a prompter, writer, artist (or any combination of the above) and check out the amazing stories it inspires!
[Contact Me]
Member Since:2011/09/29
Favored Skin:Poetess
My Website:http://tychesong.livejournal.com
Also Archived at:www.fanfiction.net/~tychesong
Reviews Posted:8

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