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My Bio

I want to apologize in advance. I will not be reading many stories for a while. I don't think I will ever be back to the site in the capacity that I was. The death of my father affected me profoundly. He was my only living parent. My mother passed away in 2005 and I am an only child. I am now trying to deal with the fact that I am now an orphan and the only survivor with the last name of Szmit.  Thank you for understanding.

Mom of three girls.  I'm silly, irreverent, passionate, opinionated, a trivia buff, and a good cook.  My hobbies are surfing the internet, listening to music, going to thrift stores and garage sales, and cheering at my daughters' softball games.

I love GrApe stories with unusual plots, and strong liberated Hermiones that are able to laugh at themselves.  But honestly, Snape has social and emotional problems that I don't think Hermione would ever be able to solve, and Snape would never let her get that close.

Pet Peeve: Writers and Betas who leave in SPaG errors such as the difference between using SCARED (frightened) and SCARRED (having marks left from injuries); LOOSE (not snug or tightened) and LOSE (misplace); SOOTHE (to make someone or something's emotional state feel better) and SOOTH (Truth; reality); CLOTHE (to wear apparel) and CLOTH (a piece of material); BREATHE (to inhale and exhale) and BREATH (a single inhalation or exhalation); TWO (one more than one), TOO (much more) and TO (an adverb);  THERE (a specific space) and THEIR (an owned object pertaining to someone or something singular or plural).

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Real Name:Sandra L. S.
Member Since:2010/04/13
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