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Genre(s): General
Warnings: Child Torture/Death, Torture
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Soul Naming: A Story For Mason From His Memah
by stripedtigress
K+ (PG)

The angels gathered in Heaven as God called them all together. Once again, it was time for the naming of a soul to be sent to earth to live as a human for a time. Every angel dreamed about the chance to be chosen, and every angel waited in anticipation for his or her name to be called. The chance to see the world through human eyes was a rare and special thing, and every angel longed for the opportunity to experience that marvelous thing the Father called, life.

The mood felt through the multitude was always exciting, but this night it was more so. There was an electric current in the air surrounding those gathered. A slight tingle of expectation coursed through them, unlike anything felt thus far. What was happening? Why was tonight different from all the nights before? The angels spoke in delighted whispers to each other, all wondering at the reason for this new and glorious elation felt by all.

The Father of Heaven, The Lord of all, The God of all the earth, entered the great hall. The chatters fell silent as they all watched in wonder, as they always did when in his presence, as He made his way to the throne. The love of the Father always enveloped Heaven in a tight embrace, and the angels basked in the glow of that loving regard.

The Father's only Son, Jesus, or Emmanuel, as he was called, followed close behind. Always by God's side and always an advocate for the humans on Earth, Jesus was highly regarded by the angels. Humans were such confusing and intriguing creatures. Jesus loved them with a passion and was forever interceding on their behalf, much to the amazement and joy of the angels.

He also had a special affinity for little children. Their innocence made it possible for him to communicate with them, for that innocence had not yet been replaced by fear and skepticism of the world. How proud they were of their Father's son for his compassion! Jesus' presence at this celebration was not unusual, as he was at all soul namings. However, this day would prove different indeed.

"We gather once more for a soul naming celebration. As with each naming, the naming is entirely voluntary, and as with each naming, this too is cause for great joy and celebration. A new child shall be given to the earth, to bring love and laughter and happiness to a deserving family. However, this is not an ordinary naming by any means. Before you volunteer, hear the conditions well; for once chosen, you can not change your mind." God turned to His son, Jesus, and nodded.

Jesus stood and faced the angels, a gentle and loving smile upon his face. "Our Father, once more in His generosity, grants a deserving family the greatest of His gifts of love: a child. This child will be blessed with a mother who will love and nurture him, always selflessly giving of herself to him. A father who will protect him and honor him, showing him the regard that only a father can show his son. Aunts & uncles who will gain pleasure from his smile, and grandparents who will adore him. Always giving of themselves to him without thought for reward. He will be, the joy of their hearts."

Excited whispers became loud shouts as all the angels spoke in awe at this opportunity. Who would be chosen for this wondrous adventure? Jesus once again smiled at the excited angels as they spoke amongst themselves. Their anticipation was uplifting and infectious. Such excitement was contagious. But, there was more to the telling, and Jesus raised His hands for silence.

"Peace." He said softly. "There is more to be told. This child's parents, the family that will claim this child, revered and loved as they are by Our Father, will find their joy tempered with pain. Their happiness tinged with grief. For this child must not stay long in the human world. He is only to be there a very short time. This special child has a great task ahead of him. He must combine two families into one. He will merge strangers into brothers and sisters. He will take what was separate and make it whole. An infant he goes, and an infant he leaves. His task is two fold, and only will he be given all instructions and revelations. To submit yourself to this naming, to commit to this family, is a great burden. Angels, think strongly before you decide."

The silence spoke volumes in the now quiet chamber. Stunned faces looked at each other and disbelief abounded. What was this? Why was this child being given only for a short time? Such was not unusual, or unheard of, but for such a consideration being given before the naming it was. There was much unsaid in the words spoken this night. Much had not been revealed, and this also confused the angels. Minds were heavy with indecision as to who should volunteer for this task. Those who moments before were nearly bursting with desire to be chosen were now silently contemplating all that was left unvoiced. God the Father, and Jesus, His son, waited patiently. A large responsibility would be placed upon the angel chosen, and they were very willing to wait for as long as it took for the chosen to step forward and take the gauntlet.

Finally, through the silence, a rustling of robes could be heard. Faces turned as from behind the crowd of angels, a small boy stepped forward. Bright, brown eyes crinkled as a grin spread across his mouth. His soft black hair lay gently on his head as he neared the throne and kneeled. "Father, I am come unto you to fulfill your wondrous plan. I will go, though it only be for a short time. If it pleases you, I will do my best to complete the task set before me," he said.

God smiled at the boy, not really surprised that this particular angel came forward. There had always been something special about this angel, and God knew he was the perfect choice. Nodding to the young angel, He turned to Jesus. "What say you?" he asked.

Jesus agreed and was pleased to find this angel had taken the challenge. "I agree. He is perfect." Turning to the young angel, Jesus addressed him quietly. "Love them well, and watch for me. I will come for you in the night."

The angel looked sad for a moment.

Jesus asked gently "What is it child?"

"What will become of them? Those who will love and lose the human that I will become? I am to bring them joy and happiness, but I will leave them with pain and grief, and that saddens me. Why is this necessary?"

Jesus, ever patient, answered the angel gently. "It is not for us to understand all of the Father's reasons, child. There is a reason for all, you can be sure. But for great joy, there must be pain. For great gain, there must be sacrifice. Do not fret so. All shall be revealed in God's time. Just know that you will be well loved and well cared for." With that, Jesus turned the child back to the Father.

God smiled once more and touched the angel on his head. Leaning down, he gave the small angel a tender kiss on his forehead. "Go now, little angel. Your time has come. Until such time as you return home, your name shall be called MASON.

Soul Naming: A Story For Mason From His Memah by stripedtigress

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