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Genre(s): Drabble/100-Word
Warnings: (None)
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A Little to the Left
by debjunk
K+ (PG)

Severus sneered as he rubbed the wax onto Lucius’ chest.

“Mmm, I think you missed a spot,” Lucius drawled.

Severus silently cast a spell that overheated the wax. He smeared more onto Lucius’ chest.

“Ow! Severus, watch it!”

“Sorry… my liege.”

“A little more on the left… Severus. Yes, that’s it.”

Merlin’s waxy ears, how did I get here? I was just dancing with Hermione, and then I’m straddled over Lucius, rubbing wax into his chest.

Severus grimaced as his fingers rubbed Lucius’ chest.

“Well, get on with it,” Lucius said in a bored tone. His eyes closed as he awaited his orders to be carried out.

Severus arched an eyebrow as he reached for the cloth. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

He carefully placed the cloth over the wax and pushed it down more than necessary.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, get on with it.”

Severus smirked. He smirked evilly. If Lucius had been looking, he would have known that he was in trouble. But the blond was still resting comfortably with his eyes sealed tight. Not to worry, those eyes wouldn’t be closed for long.

Severus took hold of the cloth and ripped away viciously. Lucius’ eyes snapped open, and he screamed. Sitting up, he grasped at his chest, looking down incredulously.

“What on earth! You idiot. You’re not supposed to use the whole cloth! It’s supposed to be cut into strips! Are you an imbecile?”

Severus tried to hide his smirk. “I’m sorry… my liege. I didn’t know.”

Lucius bent over, the pain making him grimace. Severus noted that his beautiful features weren’t quite so beautiful when twisted in torment. That puts him on a level with the rest of us.

Lucius finally lifted his head. An ugly sneer on his face. He grabbed his wand and pointed it at Severus’ face.

“I’ll teach you to not know something!”

Green light shot from the wand.

Severus’ eyes snapped open as he sat up and screamed. He screamed until he found hands surrounding him, comforting him. A voice told him it was all right. Severus looked wildly around and saw Hermione next to him, holding him reassuringly.

“It’s all right, Severus. It was just a dream.”

“Hermione! It was so much worse than a dream. Lucius… he… and then… I called him… and he…”

“Shhh… It’s not real, my love. Whatever he did, it wasn’t real.”

“We were dancing, and then we weren’t. Then I was over his grotesquely fit body, rubbing it.” He buried his head into Hermione’s chest. “Merlin, it was awful.”

Hermione smirked. “I take it I have nothing to worry about then?”

Severus’ head shot up, and he gave her an odd look. “What are you implying?”

“Well, I thought everyone fell in love with Lucius’ body the moment they saw it.”

“Not me,” Severus said in disgust. He pulled Hermione close. “Yours is the only body I want to be in love with.” His lips met hers as he kissed her tenderly.

Pulling back, Hermione smiled at him. “Right answer.”

A/N: Okay, I was originally going to do Luvsev’s prompt below, but savinesnape’s promt just screamed to be included also!

From luvsev: Severus is waxing Lucius's chest. What’s Lucius's reaction, and how did it come about?

From Savinesnape: Severus is suffering from nightmares. Who calms him, and how do they soothe his fears?

A Little to the Left by debjunk

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