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Genre(s): Drabble/100-Word
Warnings: (None)
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A Sparkling Feast
by debjunk
K+ (PG)

Fred stuffed a roll in his mouth and rolled his eyes at George. All around them there was talk of the year-end feast. Won’t the feast be fun? Wouldn’t it be great if there were fireworks? Fireworks? There have never been fireworks. That’s what would be so great! Yeah! Fireworks. Who could do it? Well, it would have to be someone sneaky.

All of a sudden several pairs of eyes were trained on the twins. George cleared his throat, and Fred looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Well,” he said. “We’ve never turned down a challenge before.”

George smiled wickedly at Fred as several students cheered, causing Severus Snape to glare at them.

The feast day came, and the sun shone brightly in the sky. It was the perfect day for an outdoor ceremony. Minerva McGonagall had been busy for the past week getting everything ready. The chairs were all arranged neatly in rows, and a large podium stood in front of the chairs. Balloons in the house colors were enchanted to float through the air. All of the students were amassed. The seventh years were all in front, beaming and anxious to get on with their lives. Albus Dumbledore was now at the podium, giving his end-of-the-year speech. It was usually a little better than his year opener, but not usually by very much.

“And in conclusion, you who are now leaving Hogwarts, remember, you are our future.”

With that, Dumbledore made his way back to his seat in the center of the teachers who all sat on the podium.

George looked over at Fred. Fred nodded. George flicked his wand, and suddenly the air exploded. Fred grinned as a huge silver stream flew from behind the podium and burst in the air. The hard part of this display had been making the fireworks so vibrant that they could be seen during the day. A bit of Chinese Fireball dragon egg had done the trick.

There was a communal gasp as the fireworks continued. Blue, red, and gold flowers burst in the air. A great lion emerged and began to run across the sky. A raven soared overhead. A badger formed and began to scratch its neck. A green snake slithered by. As the fireworks continued, the animals all turned and noticed each other for the first time. The lion roared, the badger’s hair stood on end, the snake hissed, and the raven cawed.

“Uh oh,” Fred murmured. “We didn’t account for them seeing each other.”

Before anyone knew it, the four animals had jumped each other. Great sparks and clouds surrounded the animal mound that hung in the sky. Great booms blasted away as the lion and the badger clawed at each other. The raven went for the snake’s eyes, and it snapped at her, trying to protect its scaly face.

Great streams of fire shot from the ball of animals. One hit Severus Snape straight in the chest. Fred and George gasped with the rest of the audience as the smoke cleared. Snape stood there with his hair standing on end. His sneer was worthy of an entry in Hogwarts: A History. ‘Worst sneer in recorded history.’

Fred turned to George and whispered, “At least his hair isn’t greasy anymore.”

George smirked behind his hand.

Chaos reigned as the teachers stood gawking. Suddenly, one of the students pointed and cried out loudly, “Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane!”

“No!” Hermione Granger shouted. “It’s the Incredible Arse!”

Sure enough, the super-hero with the enormous backside was flying through the air. He flew right into the cloud of smoke produced by the animals. Within a few seconds, the smoke had cleared. The Arse was seen wrestling with the lion. The snake had been flung to the side and was now disappearing. The raven flew overhead, and the badger looked on in boredom. He finally slunk away. The Incredible Arse wrangled the lion into submission, and it disappeared with a large pop.

The Arse looked up to the raven and extended his arm. The raven alighted on his extended arm and flapped its wings. The Arse whispered something to it, and the raven flew away.

Cheers erupted from the audience on the ground. The Incredible Arse raised his hands in a victory salute. Unfortunately for him, there was one more firework left. It rose from the ground, headed on a collision course. The Incredible Arse was waving to his fans and had no idea it was gaining on him. Before anyone could yell or otherwise alert him, the golden light crashed into his backside. He was sent hurtling head over heels in the sky. The super-hero finally controlled himself and skidded to a stop in mid-air. He turned to look at his backside.

“Bloody hell,” he screamed as his rear end burst into flames.

“The lake! The lake!” Granger yelled to him.

The Incredible Arse saluted the young know-it-all and shot off toward the lake. In an instant a great plume of steam rose from the water, and the Incredible Arse had disappeared.

Prompt by Lyn_F: The students are insisting on a fireworks display. Fred and George attempt one. Describe the attempt.

A Sparkling Feast by debjunk

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