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The Garnet Star

by beneathoceans

1. One   K+ (PG)  [Reviews - 1]
Summary: Dailus was the crowned Prince of Apodis, a kingdom of winged men and women who have built their city high in the mountains of Unuk and El-Nath. Their kingdom was rich and content though it was bordered by the sea. Atrya was the youngest daughter of Emperor Nun-Chi of the city of Eridu, and her people dwelled in the waters of Pleione. The ocean was abundant with life and treasures, but the air above prevents them from conquering the world and claiming it for their own. Theirs was a forbidden love that could never be, for one worshipped the skies, while the other swam the seas. However, they found love and shared it in secret. But secrets always have their way of coming out, and with that revelation an ancient hatred between their people would bring them all to war and complete annihilation. There was only one way for their love to continue and survive, but it was perilous. Many have tried it and perished. Dailus and Atrya will test the boundaries of their love, and their world, and find escape with THE GARNET STAR. Validated by : WriterMerrin

Genres: General      Warnings: none
Date Added: 2009/06/15     Word Count: 2390

2. TWO   K+ (PG)  [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Dailus discovers something in Baron Saiden's house. Co-author: Thorin Validated by: WriterMerrin

Genres: General      Warnings: (None)
Date Added: 2009/08/03     Word Count: 3473

~ This story is a Work in Progress. ~

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