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LJ COMMUNITIES > Romancing the Wizard

Characters: Lily (Evans) Potter, Severus Snape
Genre(s): Romance
Warnings: (None)
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Star Light, Star Bright.
by savine_snape
K (G)

Disclaimer: I do not own Potterverse; it all belongs to JK Rowling and others too numerous to mention. No money is made from my writing, nor is any required.

The waning gibbous moon hung in the sky over the Black Lake. Severus stared out across the still water. Tomorrow, they would board the Express and head home. He barely thought of Spinner’s End as home; Hogwarts was home. Tonight, however, he had arranged to meet Lily.

Cautiously, Lily approached the dark figure. James and his cronies would tease her endlessly if they knew who she was meeting. She didn’t care, and she understood why he wished to exchange gifts before they returned home.

“Guess who?” Lily whispered, placing her cold fingers over Severus’ eyes.

“Are you Narcissa?”

“No! Guess again.”

“Are you Lily?” He smirked.

Lily giggled as she removed her fingers and moved round to face him. “I hope you were teasing when you guessed I was Narcissa.”

“Of course. Your perfume is more delicate and enticing than any of the Black sisters’.”

His heart melted as Lily blushed. He loved how her lips curved, how small dimples appeared on each cheek, and most of all, he loved how lively Lily’s eyes became when she smiled.

Removing his thick travelling cloak, Severus laid the garment on the ground, muttering a Cushioning and Warming Charm. Sitting down, he held out a hand.

“Care to join me?”

Lily took the proffered hand and sat down.

“Isn’t it beautiful? The lake’s so peaceful. The moon is exquisite, and the stars seem to shine so much brighter here,” Severus whispered as he stroked her cheek.

“This is the Severus I know best: the one bewitched by his surroundings,” Lily whispered back.

“You know it’s all an act, my armour against Potter. Only you know the real me, Lily.”

Lily leaned in closer. “You said you would show me the stars, or was it just to get me away from James?”

Taking a deep breath, Severus pointed up into the sky. “See that pair of stars to the right? That’s Castor and Pollux, part of the Gemini constellation.”

Lily snuggled against Severus. She listened to his voice as he worked his way across the sky and was just starting to doze off when Severus nudged her gently.

“Lily, I have a present for you.”

“Can I open it now?”

“Of course you can open it now.”

Eagerly, Lily removed the crimson paper to reveal a small box. Opening it, she gasped as she removed a silver necklace with a lion pendant. Lily smiled as the lion turned to face her; it was a perfect replica of the Gryffindor mascot.

“It’s perfect! Will you put it on for me, please?”

His fingers trembled as he placed the necklace, and, once he was certain it was in place, he gently kissed the exposed skin of her neck.

“Merry Christmas, Lily,” he whispered.

“I have a gift for you, too.” Lily smiled as she passed him a green parcel.

He ripped the paper impatiently. As the paper fell away, he found an ancient Potions textbook.

“Thank you, Lily.”

“Merry Christmas,” she whispered before kissing his cheek.

Author's Notes: Many thanks to Scoffy for her encouragement and insisting that I stop tweaking and just go with this. Many thanks also to little_beloved, who was gracious enough to catch all my comma errors, and missblane for agreeing to proof witch for me.

Star Light, Star Bright. by savine_snape

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