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Characters: Cho Chang, Ginevra Weasley, Hermione Granger, Irma Pince, Lavender Brown, Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall, Molly Weasley, Parvati Patil, Pomona Sprout, Sibyll Trelawney
Genre(s): Action/Adventure
Warnings: None
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One Dozen Innocent Limericks
by MHaydn
K (G)

There once was a lady named Cho
Whose life had reached a new low;
But she waved her wand
And produced a swan
And caught Harry under the mistletoe.

There once was a girl called Luna
Who was thought a loony kahuna;
But really was smart
And quick as a dart
And chased the vampire vicuna.

There once was a witch named Parvati
Who everyone thought was quite batty;
But she would fight
For the brave knight
And the right to wear clothes that were natty.

There once was a student called Lavender
Who was sad when no one was after her;
But they were agog
At how she could snog
And Ron was her handy ravisher.

There once was a diviner called Trelawney
Who no one took very seriously;
But her crystal ball
Could reveal it all
And wizards did die from her prophecy.

There once was a librarian named Pince
Whose rules made everyone wince;
But books on a rack
Were her only stack
And she never went out with a prince.

There once was a gardener named Sprout
Who pruned and pottered about;
But all her plants
Were mad as ants
And they stung the invaders to rout.

There once was a teacher called McGonagall
Who was afraid the castle would fall a gall;
But all her heart
Was in her art
And she saved the dear school from all.

There once was a woman named Molly
Whose children appeared in a volley;
But when one was killed
She showed she was skilled
And those who opposed her were sorry.

There once was a girl called Ginny
Who everyone thought was a ninny
But she spun a spell
That did her quite well
And married Harry for a year and many

There once was a scholar called Hermione
Who was devoted to study entirely;
But she could only gape
At her Professor Snape
And thereafter must read on his knee.

There once was a female named Granger
Who no one thought could be stranger;
But no one was better
At book, spell, or letter
And she became a lady of danger.

One Dozen Innocent Limericks by MHaydn

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