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Reviews for ... With Feeling

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Severus00 (Signed )1: Day & Night, Past & Present
Love this story! I hope that you will continue
2012/08/05 - 12:40

salvamea (Signed )7: Living Under the Same Roof
she is finally doing it. starting to talk. great!

same time  he is finally doing it. starting to talk.
Telling a muggel about Lilly and al the history. wonder how far he will go. poor man. being haunted for decades.
finding no peace at all.
poor soul.

2011/04/23 - 15:16

salvamea (Signed )6: The Unplanned, the Unintentional, the Unexpected
just say?! now he is the psychologist. or anything of that sort.
and he seems to have found right the tone she needed.
a quite unplanned thing as it seems.
But why is he so spontateous?
why listen to her ? why so nice? him? never.
2011/04/23 - 15:11

salvamea (Signed )5: Strangers
this is just grand!

she mumbling the "givemehisaddress"  too cool.
and she really goes to see him.

Is Snape leading a muggle life, no use of wand an magic at all? just not to be traced down.

this is so interesting!!

I am so curious to find out what you are thinking of.

just interesting.
2011/04/23 - 15:02

salvamea (Signed )4: Bested
bah, they are really firing away. wow!
everyone at ones best. hurt pride and hurting tongues.
and he goes? can not be. but he leaves wrecks behind him. Bastard.
am curious what Hermione will do about this. Hopefully  NOT move to the moon. no!!
2011/04/23 - 14:55

salvamea (Signed )3: Insult

wonderful scene.
just as I would have guessed.

let the firework start.

2011/04/23 - 14:49

salvamea (Signed )2: Dunch
the psychiatrist is a friend of Hermione.

Snape will not like this oh no...

either he flees or he kills somebody or he freaks out another way.
or she will.
who knows.

interesting combination.
2011/04/23 - 14:45

salvamea (Signed )1: Day & Night, Past & Present
 a really desperate and dark startingpoint.

wonder how this develops.

Severus - Stephen is in muggle world? seeing a psychiatrist?
wonder over wonder.

2011/04/23 - 14:41

mimmom (Signed )7: Living Under the Same Roof
oh dear, poor hermione.
2010/11/21 - 18:54

Musesinmybasement (Signed )7: Living Under the Same Roof
Evil cliffy!!! D: Love the story! :)
2010/11/18 - 15:07

Severus49 (Signed )7: Living Under the Same Roof

Well, SOMEBODY jumped! Unfortunately it wasn't Severus/Steven. 

2010/11/18 - 06:58

Minutiae (Signed )6: The Unplanned, the Unintentional, the Unexpected
I like this!  Is it abandoned??
2010/01/10 - 11:08

mimmom (Signed )6: The Unplanned, the Unintentional, the Unexpected
oh no, please write more!!! Don't abandon this fabulous story!!!
2009/07/28 - 07:35

mimmom (Signed )6: The Unplanned, the Unintentional, the Unexpected

These two characters seem to work so well together.  I'm still enjoying and still reading.

2009/07/28 - 07:27

mimmom (Signed )4: Bested

Excellent.  Can't wait to read the next chapter!

2009/07/28 - 07:15

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