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Reviews for Another Love Letter

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DelphiPsmith (Signed )1: One-shot story
Beloved Severus,.. 

SQUEE!!!!  Ooh, I like this even better than part 1 :)  Love the way she starts out with "you are every bit as nasty as you were when I was your student" and then immediately gets diverted into how sexy he is.  Delightful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!
2014/02/18 - 16:37

Annabun (Signed )1: One-shot story
He's the bravest man Harry ever knew - but she was even braver.


(It's only a quiet "yay". I'm afraid I'm crying quite unnecessary tears for some stupid reason...)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Today is a dark day for me; kind word are just what I need *hugs*
2014/02/18 - 07:43

Hemma (Anonymous )1: One-shot story
Wow... There's nothing else to say but wow...

Author's Response: *beams* Thank you!
2012/07/06 - 19:10

sevibaby (Signed )1: One-shot story
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: *lol*

Thanks, dear!
2011/06/20 - 17:56

tenoh27 (Signed )1: One-shot story
Lovely, lovely!
Severus is right that Hermione is much braver (or foolish) than him in matters of the heart.
It`s so ironic that Severus only imagined himself breaking into Hermione`s room, but that she did indeed do the deed. That was funny and very courageous (and stalkerish) of Hermione. ;) I am glad they found each other.
Thank you very much.

Author's Response: I have to thank you for reading this - and the other - letter. And of course for leaving a review!
2010/12/07 - 07:00

CeliaEquus (Signed )1: One-shot story
I'd love to know what Severus wrote. No doubt it would make tears come to my eyes. Hermione's letter certainly made my heart clench.
Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing both letters!
2010/08/26 - 02:05

isalie (Signed )1: One-shot story
Sugarcoated sugar with some sugar icing.

I haven't read the first letter, but: awww....
What is it with you that makes me not only accept unlawfully behaviour but find it most enchanting?

Breaking into his quarters, eh? Old habits die hard, I'd say.
And about Snape: From book two on I am obsessed with the man suddenly and silently appearing behind others. And there: He did it again and it was so lovely.

Very well written. It was so sweet and made me feel so warm from within.
No stars, though. But only as I try to keep up my new rating policy: No stars for no one. (You have the questionable honor of enjoying it as the first author. I hope you approve regardless.)

Author's Response: Hi, there,

no stars, eh? You must explain that to me sometime ;-)

As to the unlawful behaviour: I just play, dear. I put people into nasty situations and watch them struggle. A major character problem, I suppose *g*

I like Snape ever since someone tried to kill him. Ever since, I try to save him, mostly successfully.

In case you plan to continue with my other stories: there should be the propper warnings up whereever I decided to write a darkfic. In any case, thanks for reviewing, and I will reply to your mail later in the week.
2009/12/13 - 08:54

Smoggy (Signed )1: One-shot story
As usual, fantastically written. I'm sure a film must be on the way soon:)

Author's Response: Yeah, No 6 is out sort of soon ;-)
Thanks for reviewining, dear. Now go on to the next one!
2009/06/12 - 03:56

Darque Hart (Signed )1: One-shot story
Yes, now that you mentioned that there is a sequel, I did find it! This 'letter' is funny ... the poor girl sounds like she's on the verge of hyperventilating. She rattles on and shifts directions, insistent chatter in print.

Whereas in Severus' letter, he appears to be writing TO her, but Hermione's letter seems to be more of a cathartic spilling of her guts just to have it out. Thank goodness for Gryffindor spontaneity; be it breaking and entering or delivering mail in person.

Author's Response: Couldn't help the hint for the sequel ;-) Yep, Hermione writes just as she talks, and I truly think initially, she had no intention of giving him the letter. But as he said: she is brave ;-)

Thanks for reviewing!
2009/05/20 - 07:44

ClayPotter (Signed )1: One-shot story
Finally, some resolved sexual tension. So wonderful. I'm so glad I found it. Thanks for the warm and fuzzy feeling.

Author's Response: *beams* I like to cause warm and fuzzy feelings, especially because I've written some quite dark stories, too. Again - thanks for reading and reviewing!
2009/01/05 - 09:50

luvsev (Signed )1: One-shot story
Nice sequel... it was lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I fear I always find a way to bring those two together...
2008/10/31 - 20:03

saravasti (Signed )1: One-shot story
There is not a proper word for describing this awesome story.
Vey well done

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I enjoyed writing it and had in mind hermione and Snape scribbling on their parchments.
Thanks for reviewing!
2008/06/24 - 15:27

AdamiRose (Signed )1: One-shot story
aww, how sweet. I'm glad to see that poor Severus gets his angst-filled Heart's desire. It was very sweet. I could actually see them having that kind of reaction to the letters. And of course Hermione would be the one to act first...it's that Gryffindor Bravery I think. Severus is far too Slytherin to do something so bold. I think you captured these essences quite well in this one (and it's first half too) I should probably go off to review the first one of the set, and will in a minute... First I'm going to answer the question I know comes to your mind, as this is the second review in less than an hour...yes. I'm reading most (if not all) of your stuff now, as I've found I like your writing style. It's what I do when I find an author I like (and have a day off to spend vegging out in front of the computer).

Author's Response: *grins* I'm very honoured that you at least plan to read most of my stories, but be warned, that's quite a lot to read. Most are one-shots, but a few are of lenght. Currently, all are finished, although I'm working on a WIP at the moment.
Thanks so much for your detailed review - I love it when readers give me detailed feedback, as it helps me to find out what I could have done better...

Hugs from Germany, and enjoy what you read ;-)
2008/06/14 - 12:05

MoreThanSirius (Signed )1: One-shot story
Urgent persoanl matters. Oh, yes! I am all in favor of attending to urgent personal matters! Thanks for writing this lovely little sequel. It would have been cruel to leave us alone and heartbroken. along with Snape. I just love a happy ending and this has so much promise for a wonderful future in it. Thank the heavens for brash Gryffindor courage.

Author's Response: Couldn't help it. I hereby admit that I had planned it like that from the beginning. It is rare that I write dark stories without a happy end.
Thanks again for letting me know you liked what you've read!
2008/06/01 - 08:12

mock_turtle (Signed )1: One-shot story
so if this is the second out of two, where's the third?

Author's Response: Please, don't demand a sequel! I am cursed to write sequels as soon as someone asks for them!
Thanks for reviewing!

mock_turtle's response: I won't, it's just what's in the summary...


Author's Response: Love letter - first out of two
Another love letter - second out of two.
Where does the third come from??
or am I daft (possibly ;-)
2008/05/08 - 16:34

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