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Reviews for The Letter

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astopperindeath (Signed )1: The Letter
this was so lovely.  you should definitely write more!
2009/10/19 - 13:39

Corabell (Signed )1: The Letter
I loved Hermione's note at the end.
2009/04/28 - 08:19

EverMystique (Signed )1: The Letter
Such a sweet tale. I love the workings of the note, the twisting and turning of each of their minds and emotions. It is also well-written and engaging.

2009/03/14 - 17:31

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: The Letter
OH no fair what happens next?  Come on this is getting good and then you end it.  Pouts  Tamara
2008/04/21 - 18:35

Saracen77 (Signed )1: The Letter

The echo in the tone of the two notes was beautiful.
2008/04/17 - 14:36

droxy (Signed )1: The Letter
I think I read this before.  But this fic is still a wonmderful read on teh second time around!
2008/03/28 - 17:11

OpalJade (Signed )1: The Letter

Oh, what a sweet lovely story !!

Loved your characterization of Severus and Hermione.

Thanks for sharing!

2008/03/28 - 08:33

snapify52 (Signed )1: The Letter

that was wonderful!  I can't think of anything at all critical to say or anything at all insightful because you have just transported me into a Warm Fuzzy Place with your sweet story and I can't quite manage to think of anything else.  I hope that makes you happy.  ;)

2008/02/14 - 01:08

sandstar08 (Signed )1: The Letter
i want a letter! *pout*

wonderful story! *claps madly in glee*
2007/02/22 - 12:56

Aurora Greyeyes (Signed )1: The Letter
Ohhh, that is sooooo romantic. It made my heart beat so fast and made me warm all over. I like the way you portrade Severus. Thank you ever so much.
I am normally very scarstic and bitter so maybe that is why I found it so moving.
2006/12/21 - 11:20

harmony_bites (Signed )1: The Letter
I really, truly love this story with its twists and turns and irony and sweetness.

2006/10/31 - 11:26

BiteMeTechie (Anonymous )1: The Letter
OMG this is awesome!
2005/09/19 - 00:32

Dusty Rose (Signed )1: The Letter
This was such an original and interesting story to read. It made me go, "Awwwww...." and wish that I could come up with such inspiring ideas!
2005/07/03 - 22:53

scattered logic (Signed )1: The Letter
I enjoyed this very much. And this line: "Sorry," says Hermione, busying herself with pouring another cup of tea from the hovering teapot. "Hiccup," made me laugh out loud.
2005/07/02 - 09:28

fyiagcg (Signed )1: The Letter
i really liked this, it was very fun and well written. my favorite line... "he has an odd feeling that this may be what love is like, which leaves him wishing strongly for a bottle of firewhiskey. " hehe... ok. yeah
2005/06/29 - 13:31

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