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Reviews for Falling Hard


ali (Anonymous )1: Falling Hard
im just reading all your stuff now, but coming from someone involved in an age differnce thingamabob i can say your poem truly gets right down to how i feel at the bottom nd core of everything. very beautiful

Author's Response: I'm very pleased you enjoyed it. Thank you for reviewing!
2009/04/12 - 21:48

Firewhisky (Signed )1: Falling Hard

"As you stroke my back, do you laugh?"

"How easy I fell for you, heavy on my back and hips I lay."


I like this, there's an allusion to being stabbed in the back and/or betrayed... or at least that's my take on it.  Your poem also evokes (again, imho) the feeling of falling in love while also suspecting/knowing that the person in question is untrustworthy.  Terrible feeling to fall in love first and realize the potentiality for pain after the fact.

Author's Response:

This is about falling in love with someone who seems so perfect... almost too perfect so you begin to doubt.

Thank you for the review!

2007/05/17 - 14:59

Fairfield (Signed )1: Falling Hard

Interesting reversal of the young-old dilemma.

Good ideas in "no control over the capacity of my experience" and "private game with a timer on my heart."

Wished some of the lines scanned better.

Inspired me to a paraphrase which I will try to send to you. 

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I'm glad that you liked my poem and that it inspired you enough to write a paraphrase. I recieved your email and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for spending the time to write that and send it to me.
2007/02/28 - 12:15


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