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Reviews for A Mother's Love

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Nedjheret (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
I read something interesting somewhere a few years ago, I think it was on Pottermore. )Don't quote me on that!)  It seems Mrs. Potter was pregnant when she died, and she got her husband to agree to Severus being Godfather.
2017/06/23 - 18:56

That-Fresh-Rain-Smell (Anonymous )1: A Mother's Love
Wow...I do Like it! I love snape in general....and you've written him well. ^^
2006/12/13 - 15:30

Vorona (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
2006/12/13 - 15:18

lovage (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
this was such a beautifully written and lovely story. i would like to politely inquire if your story "for your pleasure" is still a WIP or have you temporarily abandoned it? it is by far my favorite hg/ss ff. thank you!
2006/11/06 - 20:10

MlleGigi (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
Very tricksy of you...but it's plot twists like that which make exceptionally good writing.  Of course, you encouraged us to think up until the last that it was Narcissa Malfoy who came to visit Snape -- but it was Lily Potter. A very interesting explanation as to why Voldemort failed in his attempt to kill Harry.  It also provides a further explanation, perhaps, as to why Severus hates Harry -- not just because he looks so like James, but because he was the only reason why Lily came to him and presented him with an opportunity to make her his even though it was an opportunity that he couldn't accept.

2006/10/28 - 07:10

Cissy_n_Snape (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
And here I thought you were speaking about Snape and I. Lily! She always did come first in his eyes. lovely
2006/10/25 - 18:57

togspled (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
Oh wow. You really had me going there. Nice twist at the end. I never would have suspected it was Lily! Wonderfully done.

2006/10/23 - 07:42

badpoppet (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
Wow.  Obviously, I was fooled right along with everyone else.  Very well done with that.  But also, wonderful story.  You gave just enough detail to draw me into the setting without giving away the end.  Just terrific!
2006/10/09 - 17:49

orm irian (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
Oh excellent!  You had me fooled until the very end.  Cleverly done!  I don't really like Snape/Lily either--it never seemed very plausible to me given the canon evidence (or lack thereof). 
2006/10/09 - 17:29

wartcap (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
Fangtastic! You is a twisty twisty witchy, Lari! warty xxx
2006/10/06 - 02:14

Saltfish (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
Oh, bloody hell! You had me fooled. Even though the details weren't quite right I thought it was Narcissa. Lovely, really well done.
2006/10/04 - 23:40

Wolf Moonshadow (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
*snorts*  You really had me going with this one!  Absolutely wonderful idea and execution!  Your writing sucked me right in and I didn’t question my assumptions once.  Also you managed to both fill in a plot hole and be amazingly touching.  Brilliant job! 

2006/09/17 - 23:49

cocoachristy (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
Wow. Powerful! And a very good and original idea! I enjoyed this very much.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!


2006/09/17 - 20:35

Southern_Witch_69 (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
What a sneaky little witch. And here I was picturing Narcissa the entire while.

Nicely done. Great work.

Author's Response: Thank you!


2006/09/17 - 20:05

KarenDetroit (Signed )1: A Mother's Love
Wow! Impressive!

Author's Response: Thank you!


2006/09/17 - 19:05

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