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Reviews for You Make Me Believe In Magic


oyasumikaze (Signed )1: You Make Me Believe In Magic
It was nice to re-read this :)
Seems I didn't leave a review the first time... I liked the story a lot, it was, in a way, just like the bowl you descriebed :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much.  This was a fun prompt to write from, and I'm glad you thought the bowl worked as a metaphor for the story.
2009/03/20 - 03:15

jade vert (Signed )1: You Make Me Believe In Magic
This is a beautiful story that leaves you feeling warm and happy.
2007/10/14 - 15:56

amsev (Signed )1: You Make Me Believe In Magic
Love this story!  Hope to read more of your fiction soon!

Author's Response: Thank you.  I had fun answering this challenge; I don't usually spend much time thinking of Filch.  I have a couple of other stories over at Ashwinder if you are interested.
2007/06/17 - 01:57

Antagonist Len (Signed )1: You Make Me Believe In Magic
Lovely story! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I had fun writing this one.

2006/08/20 - 10:17

Maddy Riddle (Signed )1: You Make Me Believe In Magic
Lovely story!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2006/07/26 - 23:51

severina (Signed )1: You Make Me Believe In Magic
GREAT story! very sweet how poor filch watched from the sidelines and learned how to do all the spells. i loved the SS/HG element as well.

Author's Response: Thanks.  I really enjoyed this challenge.  I spent some time thinking about how it would be for Filch to be surrounded by magic when he couldn't perform it--it'd be enough to make anyone bitter.

2006/07/23 - 13:05

ladyofthemasque (Signed )1: You Make Me Believe In Magic
I love this interpretation!  Nice twist, and lovely phrasing...  More, yes?  ~Lotm

Author's Response: Thank you.  You know, there's Filch sequel pushing at my brain.  Probably not with SS/HG, but maybe a one shot about what Filch does with his newfound magical abilities.  But I'm working on an SS/HG story that I hope to begin posting soon.

ladyofthemasque's response: A small dose of Filch would be good...but as it is my OTP, a nice dose of SS/HG is even better!

Can't wait for whatever you post,
2006/07/22 - 01:15


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