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Reviews for A Potion With An Unintended Notion

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mick42 (Signed )1: One-Shot
A lovely tale, thankyou.
2016/11/05 - 08:39

deedeebug95 (Signed )1: One-Shot
I admire anyone that can rhyme! Well done!

2015/09/18 - 04:07

jadecadence (Signed )1: One-Shot
nice flow through-out. got this story from the random button. love the limericks too!
2013/12/25 - 19:46

moor (Signed )1: One-Shot
I love it when Severus & Hermione get 'quiet time' together in his rooms--it always seems so cozy. ;)

Thank you for sharing!
2013/01/05 - 14:34

ElectricLimeGreen (Signed )1: One-Shot
I'm so glad that I hit that little random story button and you popped up!  This story is so fun.  I absolutely loved the limericks and I wish the potion would have lasted longer!  Thanks for writing!!
2010/09/10 - 15:36

isalie (Signed )1: One-Shot
I want to hug this story.

It has two major things that should prevent me from liking it: Fluff and student/teacher. - But awwwww...

I came to read something short and light to distract me from work and this truly did more for my mood than I could have hoped for.
I'm entirely happy now. Those limericks might not have been fallen out of high-literature heaven, but they were hilarious - and sometimes über-cute (yeah, from here on I declare: that this word exists).

And you had the wit to write the disclaimer as one, too! Very thoughtful. :D

It's a lovely short story with a very satisfying - and acutally surprising - end.

This little one has won my heart.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! I had almost forgotten about this one, it's been so long, but I'm glad to see that every now and then, someone does come along for the ride. :D
2010/02/11 - 11:27

KingPhilipsWench (Signed )1: One-Shot
The limericks... they burn...

Author's Response: I know... This is like 3.5 years old. Read something you wrote that long ago and tell me you don't cringe, lol. :D
2009/11/14 - 16:18

EverMystique (Signed )1: One-Shot
Absolutely hilarious limericks. Very entertaining watching everyone faint!

Author's Response: So glad it entertained you!

Thanks for the review!
2009/08/27 - 21:22

liviconnor (Signed )1: One-Shot
Oh, I love a good limerick hexing,Complete with some good Sevvie sexing,You made me grin wide,Made me fuzzy inside,Even if limerick form is vexing.Cheers,Liv

Author's Response: *laughs*

Thank you for such a delightful review!
2009/08/08 - 12:15

elsolel (Signed )1: One-Shot
The limericks weren't a torture.  I was a little sad when the potion wore off. 

Author's Response: I'm relieved you don't think of them as torturous, LOL!

Thank you for reviewing!
2009/06/28 - 23:37

xanaxag (Signed )1: One-Shot
albus is devil :-))) nice story :-))) i really liked it very much:-)))))

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)))
2009/06/26 - 11:32

phoenix (Signed )1: One-Shot
Oh that was truly wonderful. I love the limericks. That must have been difficult to do, but it came off wonderfully. And I love that Albus got Rita to make it a novel rather an expose. Very sneaky of him. And I forgot to say that I thank you for not having Dumbledore dead.

Author's Response: Heh, it was written long before canon closed, so there was no reason for dead!Dumbledore I guess.

Thank you for reviewing! *pats the shiny stars*
2009/05/22 - 06:45

HogwartsClassof91 (Signed )1: One-Shot

Your skills as a writer are many.

Doubters, you’ll find: there aren’t any.

Karelia rocks!

(And she knits socks!)

While helping new writers aplenty...

Author's Response: *giggles madly*

Doubters aplenty
At the very least twenty
They doubt
and they shout
but fun is had plenty
2008/08/23 - 21:11

mimmom (Signed )1: One-Shot
very cute. 
2008/08/08 - 08:22

teshara (Signed )1: One-Shot
That was such a cute fic!

Author's Response: Aw! Thank you!
2008/07/26 - 21:02

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