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Reviews for How Argus Got His Groove Back


elsolel (Signed )1: One-shot.
The best thing about TPP is the random button always leads to great things!  I really liked how he was determined to learn magic for the school. 
2009/05/28 - 00:47

dracontia (Signed )1: One-shot.
Congratulations! This is the first one I've read where Filch didn't seem so squicky! (Although that lovely effect will vanish like snowflakes on a griddle if I let the Filch... Minerva... line of thought float through my head.)

Woo, on that note, I shall make like an organic banana and split!
2006/07/02 - 14:11

snapes_faerie (Signed )1: One-shot.
wow minerva? lol could be
2006/07/02 - 12:48

phoenix (Signed )1: One-shot.
This was a wonderfully entertaining story. I loved how you should the genesis from getting the Kwikspell to success and discovery. I actually feel some sympathy for poor Argus. :) It really was nice to see it all work out for him in the end. :)

2006/07/01 - 21:07

Chartreuse (Signed )1: One-shot.
Ah, nice story.  Good to see Argus get a bit of action - magical of course! WD!
2006/07/01 - 19:44

apisa_b (Signed )1: One-shot.
Oh, you really made me like Filch in this one. And regarding his affinity to cats, it's fitting he would be attracted to Minerva.

2006/07/01 - 12:35

Southern_Witch_69 (Signed )1: One-shot.
Hahaha... Good story! The poor bloke deserves some happiness, eh?
2006/07/01 - 10:17


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