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Reviews for How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic

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jadecadence (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
Ahhh - le pussibilities! ;)) 

Author's Response: LOL I prefer to think as little as puss-ible about them!
2014/10/11 - 01:21

burberry outlet sale (Anonymous )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
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Author's Response:
2013/11/05 - 16:48

Ljpjcg (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
Damn hilarious!

Author's Response: Thank you! It was fun to write, so long as I didn't _think_ too much about it!
2012/07/21 - 03:40

lolly (Anonymous )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
You are a genius! That was solid hilarity! You also gave a perfect explanation for why Hermione chose Ron.

Author's Response: Oh, golly--apparently I'm dracontia the late genius . I'm so sorry for not responding sooner to your lovely review! Thank you (much belated!)
2010/12/19 - 19:11

sunny33 (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
You know, there are people out there getting their blood pressure up about genetic engineering. Now, what's a few toad genes in your potatoes,compared with the thought of the offspring that Filch and Doris could produce! :)

Author's Response: Oh, dear... toad genes in potatoes... Forris babies... I think the end of the world is nigh, either way.
2008/05/18 - 04:18

slytherensangel26 (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
ha ha! that is realy good! perfect in fact...

Author's Response:

Thank you very much!

Mr. Filch is enjoying his moment of glory... :)


2008/01/08 - 21:26

nightshift (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
Gah! Although, it is the best explanation for Mrs. Norris I've ever seen.

Author's Response: LOL Infernal inspiration can be wonderful at times... Glad you got something out of it, though characterizing it as 'enjoyment' might be a little optimistic, given the subject matter. Thanks for the review!
2007/04/25 - 12:32

harmony_bites (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
This was hysterical. There's just something so delicious about Lavender, the fashion maven of Hogwarts, making over the only canon figure that really makes Snape (canon book Snape) seem dashingly handsome in comparison. And it's scary how much this sense this Hermione's rationale for wanting Ron is. And the Mrs. Norris angle was perfect.

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words on what I still consider a very ugly little tale! I'm just glad you found the combination of the incorrigible accomplishing the impossible by the most implausible means imaginable, entertaining. :)

Here's to interspecies romance! (Cat X Grapefruit) LOL

~dracontia (actively promoting 'Irony as the Universal Language' day)
2006/10/28 - 00:15

togspled (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
i was getting scared to read it for fear there would be filch sex. but the rating reassured me. thank you for leaving it out!

Author's Response: You're very much welcome! I would be scared to WRITE Filch sex, so you're safe with me in that regard.  In fact, I think you're pretty brave for reading this at all--I've really got to stop responding to challenges unless I can come up with something better than this. Thanks for the review!
2006/09/27 - 13:38

Maddy Riddle (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic

I really have to thank you for not writing more detailed information about Filch's date. I was rather sick at the mention of "Filch" and "virginity" in the same sentence. *shudders*

Good story, tho. ;) 

Author's Response: If it makes you feel better, I squicked myself just writing as much (or as little) as I did! Talk about wanting to shoot the plot bunny... If Filch wants more detail, he'll have to find another writer to do his dirty work for him.

Thanks for reviewing!

(Oh, and I hear the next chapter of the Sex Ed story is almost through the queue...)
2006/07/27 - 00:21

snapes_faerie (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
doris is... wow....bad mental picture of the old broad but at least filch had it!

Author's Response: Oh, yeah--Doris: bad mental picture. Doris + Filch = Worse mental picture! Thank goodness for 'fade to black!'
2006/07/02 - 12:48

SS Lupin (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
I had the same reaction as Hermione when Lavender talked of the last plan.

You have some mind, dracontia, and Merlin only knows what you'll come up with next.

Hilarious and cute story - you even made me feel sorry for Lavender for a few minutes! :)

Author's Response: *Merlin speaking* "I have no clue what dracontia will come up with next."

*Cassandra* "I know! I know! 'The Ring on Her Finger,' and, in no particular order, a Sex Ed story and Jarvey sequel!"

*Merlin, shakes his head* "I can't believe it."
(The weak Classical/Late Middle Ages humor interlude is now over. Thanks for your patience.)

That's a new height (or maybe a new low) for me, if I can evoke any measure of sympathy for Lavender!
 Here's to Challenges! And especially to SSL and dracontia! WOOT!
2006/07/01 - 14:52

LillaQ (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
I'd call it  - ehm, inventive. LOL! And funny!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was thinking it needed a genre called 'squick', but 'inventive' works nicely!
2006/07/01 - 13:14

ccrawley10 (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
Too cute.

Author's Response: You're too kind!
2006/07/01 - 12:32

apisa_b (Signed )1: How Argus Filch Got Wild, Got Laid, and Got His Magic
That was brilliant. I loved your Lavender, liked your Hermione and Doris (that was nearly a stroke of genius), and Filch ... well, he had to be part of the story, hadn't he?

Author's Response: Darn that pesky Filch! Were it not for him... well, I guess there wouldn't be a story. I'm trying to figure out if that's a good or bad thing! As for Doris... yes, 'stroke' may be the operative word there (feels woozy)

Poor Lavender! All she wants is to make the world more beautiful, one face at a time. Thank goodness there are lovely folks like you who understand her.
2006/07/01 - 12:24

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