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Reviews for Testing His Firepower


Rose of the West (Signed )1: Testing His Firepower
This is charming!  I loved the clause,  "it would be every witch’s dream to share a bed with someone wearing such a tasteful nightshirt."  It's such a wonderful turn of phrase.  And then you went back to it!  Marvelous!

I like the way you rounded out Filch's character, too, pointing out that everyone has dreams and longings.

Author's Response: Thank you, Rose.
I actually had to go and reread this story - quite some time has passed since I wrote it.

Even Filch is just a wizard - eh Squib at the end of the day, with dreams and longings. They might be different form the ones of average persons, but still ...
2010/01/02 - 12:09

SS Lupin (Signed )1: Testing His Firepower
What a funny little story. Sure he didn't get his 'magic,' be he definitely got some firepower.

“You watching this wand? You watching this wand?” he demanded. ~ I really liked that line. :)

Author's Response:  Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked this.
2006/07/05 - 16:05

dracontia (Signed )1: Testing His Firepower
Should have been watching the foot, indeed... Not everyone is going to have firepower tonight!

Author's Response: No, indeed. But they might sing in higher voices ...
2006/07/02 - 14:01

snapes_faerie (Signed )1: Testing His Firepower
ha! good one!

Author's Response:
2006/07/02 - 12:50

karelia (Signed )1: Testing His Firepower
That was very enjoyable! I can just imagine Filch lusting after Madam Pince, LOL.

Author's Response: Yes, indeed. Thanks for the review.
2006/07/02 - 03:32

phoenix (Signed )1: Testing His Firepower
Ah, Filch, you sneaky dog. LOL I love how his 'firepower' isn't magical, but Irma still finds it studly. :D Go, Argus!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, phoenix.
2006/07/01 - 21:10

zafania (Anonymous )1: Testing His Firepower
yay 0 old argus is finally gonna get some - go filch!

Author's Response: LOL
2006/07/01 - 04:56

Southern_Witch_69 (Signed )1: Testing His Firepower
hahaha! good one! firepower indeed!

Author's Response: Not exactly what warty had in mind, but firepower nonetheless ...
Thank you for reviewing.
2006/06/30 - 13:34


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