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Reviews for Fixing Filch


sara lady dalian (Signed )1: One-Shot
And then... what happened?  *argh.....  sometimes it's damned difficult to read one-shots... This was well written, and I like that it was told partially through the owl's POV.  Hugs and chocolates... Sara
2009/11/11 - 20:55

slytherensangel26 (Signed )1: One-Shot
filch and umbridge? ick!
2008/01/08 - 21:05

Raira (Signed )1: One-Shot

Filch and Dolores! How appropriate!
2006/11/18 - 21:31

togspled (Signed )1: One-Shot

gotta love the weasley tiwts!


umm filch...i think the word is twins. With an "n". lol!

2006/09/27 - 13:26

snapes_faerie (Signed )1: One-Shot
i relaly liked this! great

Author's Response: thanks, dear! 

2006/07/02 - 12:52

dracontia (Signed )1: One-Shot
Oh, Snitch... if only you knew! Do owls get squicked?

I have a feeling Dolores is going to be finding hairballs on her pillow--assuming Mrs. Norris allows her to live.

The description of the office was perfect. Wish I'd come up with something like that; but then, that's why you're the Poetess and I'm just the nut with the Jarvey!

Author's Response: Now I heard Jarveys love nuts ... I'm kind of partial to them as well. 

2006/07/02 - 11:03

Maddy Riddle (Signed )1: One-Shot

That was good.

Sorry, I'm curious. Did the twins manage to finish it and did Argus got to be a wizard?

Author's Response:

I would say that the Weasley Twins prevail, the product is effective, and Argus obtains his 'wizard' status, making him a prime candidate for a mate in Dolores' eyes.


2006/06/29 - 00:33

Southern_Witch_69 (Signed )1: One-Shot
Hahaha... So Filch n Umbridge, eh? Muahaha. This is definitely original. I quite like it, my sweet.

Author's Response: I know, Filch and Umbridge.  *ack*  They sort of fit together, though.  I never felt sorry for the man, so believe me, it doesn't make me feel guilty to pair him up with her!

2006/06/27 - 20:28

apisa_b (Signed )1: One-Shot
Typical for Dolores to reach her goal through bribery. And if she wants Argus, why not as long as he was a Squib? A detestable woman, indeed.
A good strory, NSS - but very tame for something written by you

Author's Response: Yes, it is quite tame for me, isn't it?  I was a little surprised at myself!

2006/06/27 - 12:36

auberus (Signed )1: One-Shot

This is wonderful. The atmosphere and characterizations were perfect and the ending made me laugh.

I particularly liked the phrase: "The two had become irreversibly fused in Argus' mind, a single entity of troublemaking torture." Lovely.

This entire story was very well written.

Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you!  It makes me happy to know that even in such an odd story I can make someone laugh!

2006/06/26 - 23:17


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