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Reviews for Eternity


FlittterKat (Signed )1: Eternity
Yes, pretty sobering reminder and very well written. Love and serve your neighbors. Are you as tired of all the polarized, hate filled posts going around too?  
2017/09/11 - 16:56

Ramsay223 (Signed )1: Eternity
Your outlook is wonderful. I agree with you, thank you.
2013/02/08 - 19:30

jade vert (Signed )1: Eternity
that was almost to good. I'm not sure if it was intentional, (I'm sure it was though) but in light of the whole priest/alter boy disgrace i thought the pedophile note was gold.
2008/12/23 - 17:40

JackieJLH (Signed )1: Eternity
You know, I just love this story more every time I read it.  *giggles happily* (OMG these emoticons are awesome! Make sure you check them out!! You know you want to...

Author's Response: Thanks!    But why would I care about emoticon?    I'd never use one.  Okay, i want to use them all!  Terrific touch!  And thanks again! 
2006/06/06 - 01:00

apisa_b (Signed )1: Eternity
Recent developments made me think of this tale I've read some time ago - and here I see it posted.
Very thought-provoking.

Author's Response: Thank you, apisa!  I wanted to make people re-think things.  In this country, so many TV preachers make their way by saying it's okay to hate certain groups.  Obviously, I disagree.  :-D<br>~Lisa

2006/06/05 - 04:39

notsosaintly (Signed )1: Eternity
The reverend's arrogance kept me shaking my head and wide-eyed.  And just as I was about to swear properly at the screen, you wrote in the best bit of retribution.  Oh, how I would love to watch that man suffer. 

Author's Response: Thank you so much, notsosaintly!  :-)  I think he probably made Hell much more like it's supposed to be due to his practice making hell on earth.  I'm so glad you liked this!

2006/06/04 - 15:49


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