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Reviews for One Night in Azkaban


moncler daunenjacke damen outlet (Anonymous )1: One Night in Azkaban
The Petulant Poetess :: Fiction Archive ppbqouan
2014/01/01 - 23:53

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The Petulant Poetess :: Fiction Archive wmbmpz
2013/12/21 - 12:12

EverMystique (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
creepy, very creepy.
2009/07/05 - 11:40

snapes_faerie (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
great i think this one was the serious take on the challenge and it really works

Author's Response: Thanks!
2006/07/02 - 12:53

dracontia (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
Eerily elegant... *bows in appreciation*
2006/07/02 - 10:18

notsosaintly (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban

De-Squibification!  I like that.

It took me a while to read this because I wanted to post my contribution as well.  I think Argus is such a fun character to write.  And I find that I enjoy reading about him as well.

Wonderful contribution to the challenge, Master! 

Author's Response: Thank you, NSS!  It means a lot to me.
2006/06/26 - 19:57

Antagonist Len (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban

I hate that you didn't confirm that it worked :p


Author's Response: i couldn't decide if it should work or not, so I leave it to the reader.

2006/06/07 - 07:17

apisa_b (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
I guess we will never know wheter it worked, or not. Let the Challenge's title be our only hope for poor Argus.

I'm just not so sure I really want Filch with powers ... a new dark Lord on the rising?

Good work!
2006/06/03 - 08:34

wartcap (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
Shouldn't he add some lemon into the potion?
2006/06/02 - 14:45

PlaidPooka (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
Love it, Doomie!  Short and creepy, just like Filch! ;)

Author's Response: *poke* Have you run away from the fanfic world entirely?
2006/06/02 - 10:13

azulkan2 (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
Again with the leaving us hanging. lol,  Will we ever know if Argus gets magic?

Author's Response: I thought about resolving that question and decided to leave it open. 
2006/06/02 - 06:43

wartcap (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
Absolute twaddle! If Filch needs cookery lessons he should go and see Hagrid for advice. Everyone knows that severed hand stew needs 4 hours to simmer or the knuckles will be tough. Pumblechook says, Azkaban is very well described. I feel I know this wizard... Doomspark... yes, he was imprisoned in 1979 for casting the Imperius Curse on Minerva McGonnagal. He made her dance the eightsome as she escorted the first years through the Great Hall at the sorting feast.

Author's Response: *smirk, chortle* Ah, Warty, your reviews are as much fun to read as your writing! Now go finish the next chapter of Pumblechook's misadventures... please. <br><br>
I invoke the 5th Amendment (I'm a Yank, so I can do this) when it comes to what I was doing in 1979.
2006/06/02 - 01:56

azulkan2 (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
Great story, high ew rating though, lol.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: I've decided to leave this one complete as it is. Not sure there's anything more that could be (or should be) done with it. Glad you liked it.
2006/06/01 - 23:44

HogwartsHoney (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
Wow, Doom, I'm impressed once again! I like Filch's moroseness, especially his feelings about wizard children with no proper appreciation of their powers.  To a Squib, life must truly suck!  Trust Snape to have a copy of that book, eh?  Is there going to be a continuation? *dare I ask?*

Author's Response: *grin* no, not going to continue this one. I like it the way it is.

HogwartsHoney's response: Actually, so do I, but y'know.... I really enjoy your writing and your plotlines. Can't blame a girl for askin' !

2006/06/01 - 19:20

Southern_Witch_69 (Signed )1: One Night in Azkaban
Excellent as usual. You always amaze me. I also like the references to Snape and how simple things he said had Filch wondering enough to look about.

*bows down*

Author's Response: *grin* Thank you, SW!
2006/06/01 - 17:16


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