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Reviews for Addiction Haiku Series

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Cdvers (Signed )1: 1.
2012/08/07 - 21:02

FirstYear (Signed )1: 1.
Rhyme set in meter
given in a caffeine rush 
A real cup of Joe

I could not resist... I too worship coffee

Well done.
2009/06/09 - 23:33

Southern_Witch_69 (Signed )1: 1.
LOL You totally are addicted. :) ~smiles~

Author's Response: Ya think?    *snicker*
2009/03/14 - 16:40

oohdear (Signed )1: 1.
i like it, very samurai with a western twist

Author's Response: thank you!
2009/01/20 - 23:39

OSUSprinks (Signed )1: 1.
You have captured my feelings for the drink!  It made me smile.  Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: The world revolves around that drink IMHO.  Can't live without it.
2008/11/03 - 11:01

morgaine_dulac (Signed )1: 1.
Is it okay with you if I print that and put it up by the coffee maker at work?

Author's Response: You go right ahead.  *lol*   And if you want another to tack up by the coffee maker (for those who need the more direct approach pre-coffee), try this one:  http://www.thepetulantpoetess.com/viewstory.php?sid=26
2008/09/25 - 13:00

sunny33 (Signed )1: 1.
Nice poem, nasty drink!

Author's Response: Bah!  Please tell me you at least like chocolate.  Anyway, if you don't drink coffee, there's only more for me!

sunny33's response: Mmm. Chocolate!  That, you have to share!

Author's Response: Good girl.  Although, that I actually stopped eating ... for now.  I had this nasty habit of sitting with a box of See's (really, one of the best you can get in California) and eating 4 or 5 pieces before falling asleep.  I stopped that, and maybe one of my pills sorta helped too, and I finally dropped the extra 10 pounds I just couldn't get rid of after I had Jenna (almost 6 years ago).  So now, I know the trick, and actually, it's not "don't eat chocolate".  It's "Don't eat it before bedtime."  I relegate all the high fat content stuff to breakfast now.
2008/09/24 - 20:41

pyjamapants (Signed )1: 1.
your poem reflects
the addiction of many
i liked it a lot

Author's Response: a pleasing review
fortifies and gratifies
much like coffee does
2008/09/22 - 16:24

helshez (Signed )1: 1.
Cool. I'm feeling this one. Where would we be without our coffee? Probably in bed or (in my case) slouched over a till, yawning and snarling at custies. :D
I may have to print this out and stick it on our staff crazy wall, if that's ok. I know several of my colleagues would appreciate this one.

Author's Response: More than okay.  If it can make someone smile, that's the greatest compliment.

helshez's response: The printout is currently residing between the picture of the pirate dog and the picture of a man dressed as a giant willy. I think it brings a touch of class to the crazy wall, and a few of my fellow inmates have mentioned their agreement with your sentiments. Many thanks for aiding us in the fight against boredom!

Author's Response: "Inmates" ... yup, I can relate.
2008/09/21 - 17:23

kittylefish (Signed )1: 1.
i love this, even though i am not actually addicted myself and sometimes go for days without drinking any. shocking, i know! chocolate - now that's another story. this made me giggle, and i still haven't managed to stopped: "i cry at the loss why have you forsaken me and crumble to dust" will forward your poem to my bf, who i think will be able to relate all too well to the sentiments you've so eloquently expressed. :D

Author's Response: And sadly ... my coffee maker is packed in a box ready to be moved, and I have (unwillingly) given up chocolate in favor of weight loss.  It works, but ... ouch.

kittylefish's response: i hope that box is clearly labeled for quick retrieval at the other end! me, i'm still waiting for the "eat chocolate and watch the pounds melt away" diet. ; )

kittylefish's response: wanted to let you know the bf loved your poem as i predicted, and i got to hear his interpretive reading of it, which was a treat. :D

Author's Response: That makes me smile.  A guy who likes to read/hear poetry and/or fiction is hard to come by (in my experience).  He sounds like quite a catch. :D
2008/09/21 - 14:47

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: 1.
I don't drink coffee, but I know the pull of caffeine.  My husband drinks coffee and if he doesn't let he gets a headache and then I get a headache.  lol
2008/09/21 - 09:17

Fanny T (Signed )1: 1.
Oh, so true!

I really feel like a cup or two now...

Author's Response: I am currently driinking fake coffee—Nescafe.  Oh, it has caffeine, but ... the torture!!!  (Cannot wait for moving day so my coffee machine can be unpacked.)
2008/09/21 - 04:51

Arabella Bloodgood (Signed )1: 1.



2008/04/09 - 13:16

tashiegirl (Signed )1: 1.
Yea. It worked! Though I recommend changing the link title to "screenreader users," since this is what most people will be familiar with.

Author's Response: Wonderful.  I'm glad it works.  I've changed the link to say Screenreader Users and Text-Based Browsers because there have been a few other readers whose browsers won't let them review as well.  Thank you for helping and encouraging me to figure this out.

Author's Response: I also wanted to let you know that I have added a link so that you can respond to me here as well.  When you follow the link to see my response here, there will be a link for screenreaders to respond.  ;)
2007/08/14 - 15:09

Avian (Signed )1: 1.
Hey.^^ That's pretty clever, I liked it very much!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it.  You must be a coffee lover...

2006/07/13 - 18:25

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