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Reviews for Catspaws

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mistresscosmos (Signed )19: Chapter Nineteen
I do hope you'll update soon. 
2017/04/18 - 06:53

rGe1Qcji (Anonymous )14: Chapter Fourteen
Wow! Great to find a post knoncikg my socks off!
2017/03/28 - 19:31

hnEsR9OD7k1 (Anonymous )11: Chapter Eleven
Many many qulitay points there.
2017/03/28 - 11:27

PmutpjI0XR9 (Anonymous )14: Chapter Fourteen
You have more useful info than the British had colonies pre-IWWI.
2017/03/28 - 11:17

D5lIFcO3EeHR (Anonymous )5: Chapter Five
Could you write about Phcisys so I can pass Science class?
2017/03/28 - 11:16

vOgcOQL5Sjv (Anonymous )6: Chapter Six
I love this book! I have been trying to do soihnemtg like this with Photoshop Elements, but it would be fun to make an original, scan it, and then print it on fabric to quilt. More fun! I was a teacher for over twenty years, and the one thing I tried to impart to my students was that failure was actually a good thing. It teaches you what NOT to do, which is as important as what TO do. Everytime we make a mistake, we learn. If we never make mistakes, we are already adept at that skill, and we stop learning. For me, the learning is where the fun is, because the thrill is so great when you finally arrive.
2017/03/28 - 08:24

PlaidPooka (Signed )19: Chapter Nineteen
I've always loved this story, Doomie, and it was such a nice surprise to see more of it!  But I'm terribly greedy.  Write more! :)

Author's Response: Workin' on it, Pookers! 
2016/12/07 - 16:43

PlaidPooka (Signed )10: Chapter Ten
A comment from a Plaidpooka, about a plaid pooka! :D  I've always loved this story.  So happy you are working on it again.

Author's Response: A nod to one of my dearest fanfic friends.  I'm working on the final chapter.
2016/12/07 - 01:12

mick42 (Signed )19: Chapter Nineteen
The Malfoy clan is doing fine,who would have thought Severus loves cake so much.
2016/09/24 - 01:52

azulkan2 (Signed )19: Chapter Nineteen
Absolutely great to see this story updated. Looking forward to more.
2016/09/17 - 00:29

Sandra (Anonymous )19: Chapter Nineteen
Doomspark!  So glad to see a new chapter in your wonderful story. I was just trying to remember where I was when you first posted it - I've moved 4 times in 10 years!  I'm looking forward to more chapters whenever you manage to post them.  Happy writing and take care.
2016/09/02 - 06:32

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )10: Chapter Ten
Hmm... I'm not sure that I've hard of a pooka before? And wtf is Harry doing back, the little creeper. 
2016/08/30 - 22:44

Persevero (Signed )19: Chapter Nineteen
Triplets! Nice job sir - though I notice you didn't have Lucius attend the birth. Wizarding tradition?

Author's Response: More like they came early and caught everyone by surprise.
2016/08/29 - 03:14

Persevero (Signed )3: Chapter Three
Looong time since I read this entertaining storyr. One thing - I'm not usually fussy about Britpickiness, but I didn't even know the expression 'crapshoot'.
2016/08/28 - 19:34

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )4: Chapter Four
Hmm..a pony is not at all what I'd have expected either! Lol
2016/08/05 - 23:15

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