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Reviews for Catspaws

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sunny33 (Signed )20: Chapter Twenty
I didn’t see Lucius as Headmaster coming! 
2018/03/30 - 06:58

sunny33 (Signed )13: Chapter Thirteen
Those familiars had better think fast or the jig will be up! 
2018/03/30 - 06:22

sunny33 (Signed )12: Chapter Twelve
I can imagine that exploration will be extremely thorough. 😉
2018/03/30 - 06:10

sunny33 (Signed )8: Chapter Eight
Poor Harry is completely potty! 
2018/03/30 - 05:42

sunny33 (Signed )8: Chapter Eight
Poor Harry is completely potty! 
2018/03/29 - 19:23

sunny33 (Signed )6: Chapter Six
The pets seem to be sorting themselves out without help. 😀
2018/03/29 - 19:01

sunny33 (Signed )5: Chapter Five
Harry is being a bit thick! 
2018/03/29 - 18:52

sunny33 (Signed )4: Chapter Four
Oops. Sprung! 
2018/03/29 - 18:43

sunny33 (Signed )3: Chapter Three
LOL I can see Snape skulking around under Harry’s cloak catching students when they least expect it! 
2018/03/29 - 18:30

sunny33 (Signed )2: Chapter Two
Played right into their hands... er ... paws!
2018/03/29 - 18:19

sunny33 (Signed )1: Chapter One
Thought I’d start this one from scratch again. It’s been a few years since I started reading it! 😀
2018/03/29 - 18:09

Kalanchoe_thrys (Signed )20: Chapter Twenty
Such a cute HEA diversion :) Thanks for sharing

Author's Response: Glad you liked it.
2018/02/18 - 14:26

Grace52373 (Signed )20: Chapter Twenty
I sm so happy you finished this story. I wish there were alerts on this site so you know when a story is updated! I really enjoyed this story and look forward to more stories from you! The familiars matchmaking everyone was fun and what I liked about this story. The pets seemed to know best even though they were wrong at times.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. 
2018/02/13 - 13:30

Sampdoria (Signed )20: Chapter Twenty
Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful story.

Author's Response: You're very welcome.  Should I assume you want me to finish Varlet now?

Sampdoria's response: Oh yes. I would love for the Varlet to be completed:-))
2018/02/13 - 04:36

mistresscosmos (Signed )19: Chapter Nineteen
I do hope you'll update soon. 

Author's Response: Well, it took me nearly a year, but I did update.  And the story is now (finally!) completed!
2017/04/18 - 06:53

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