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Reviews for Time's Treasure: Converging Timelines


JL (Anonymous )9: Chapter 9
I just have to add that the renewal of friendship with Ron was very sweet. Ron often gets pigeonholed as the inept, jealous jerk who eventually drives Hermione into Severus's arms; it's nice to see him being a reasonable grown-up but still himself. I really hate to see him paired with Hermione but I do like him as a character (when he's matured a bit). A lot of writers make him so one-dimensional and/or a total creep (and some have done it well, so it's not all bad) but it often feels like a cop-out to me. It's a little lazy of writers to have Hermione make a blindingly obvious choice between one guy who treats her like crap ALL THE TIME and the other who loves and respects her for herself. Much harder to choose when the two are both are good men but each different in their own way- and I like how you did that with Perry here too. He definitely had some flaws but he wasn't shown as an absolute bastard, just a human with some issues like everyone else. You didn't take the easy route and I wouldn't expect you to, you are too good a writer for that. You did make me nervous with him though, I was waiting for Hermione to come to her senses and make the right decision, which she did, whew! Bravo!
2018/03/27 - 11:07

JL (Anonymous )12: Chapter 12
Thank you for this wonderful addition to Time's Treasure! I enjoyed it and the original too. I KNEW Hermione has to be in love with Severus in the original timeline, she just kept it to herself. It is silly though (and sort of adorably exasperating) that both Severus and Hermione are so convinced that the 'other' one in the alternate timeline couldn't possibly feel the same way about them as they do. They seem to accept that the alternate versions of themselves/each other really aren't SO different, except for that one thing. For such smart people they really can be a pair of dunderheads when it comes to their emotions. But everything works out in the end, as it should! And I'm glad that this "alternate" Hermione didn't just poof out of existence or something, that would be rather sad.
2018/03/27 - 10:47

Grace52373 (Signed )12: Chapter 12
I loved this sequel! I am so glad that Hermione and Severus ended up together in this one too! I was scared when she developed feelings for Perry!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much. She can’t help but love Severus, even if he’s different. 

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much. She can’t help but love Severus, even if he’s different. 
2018/02/19 - 20:19

sunny33 (Signed )12: Chapter 12
Hi Deb! I had to go and reread Time’s Treasure all over again, it was so long ago. Still a great story,  as is this addition!

Author's Response: Sunny!  Hope all is well. Yeah, it was ages ago. Glad you liked the new addition.
2018/01/27 - 15:46

the dragon and the rose (Signed )12: Chapter 12
I loved the original Time's Treasure and this one is a great companion piece. I enjoyed it very much! 

Author's Response: I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review.

Author's Response: I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review.
2018/01/21 - 17:17

jessajohns (Signed )12: Chapter 12
This is an engaging story. I enjoyed it, even though I don't remember Time's Treasure (I read it years ago).  Thanks for another good story.

Author's Response: Lol, yeah. It’s definitely a very old story. I’m glad you enjoyed this one as well.
2018/01/18 - 02:11


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