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Reviews for This was a duplicate post


OmGOwz5l02 (Anonymous )1: One
D – Totally unrelated to the topic at hand, I just wanted to say that it’s great to see that you’ve surfaced from your never-ending, sw-udowel-yolaup case. And it’s great to have you back in the conversation. Hope you’re enjoying having some breathing room back in your life!
2017/03/28 - 07:59

Who (Signed )1: One
I was looking forward to a story entitled This Was a Duplicate Post. It sounded like it would be very original, and I was intrigued! "Couldn't actually be a duplicate post could it, with it getting 3 reviews?" I thought. Could I be wrong? Yes. Yes I could! (I am used to being wrong, so no distress was caused) 
So now I go to look for the story that was reviewed, and secretly hope to one day read a tale called This Was a Duplicate Post.

2017/03/18 - 14:12

PHONELADY (Signed )1: One
heyyy glad to have you back! this is a good start take your time and don't write yourself in a corner geessszh i hate that! if it's a one shot leave it that way and go think u some more stuff.

Author's Response: No worries, there will be more soon!
2017/02/02 - 16:37

mikimoto (Signed )1: One

I sometimes wonder if the worse torture is the unrelenting voice in our head.  How frustrating it must be for someone who has been able to manipulate things magically to be so impotent.

I am wondering of Flitwick is really incompetent or if he is getting revenge for 20 years of short jokes.

Author's Response: "20 years of short jokes" Oh my goodness but you made me laugh!
2017/02/02 - 07:36

banjobraids (Signed )1: One
Ack, a cliffie! Very nice so far, I like the detail about the blood loss. Glad to see you back and will check out your book. Thanks!

Author's Response: Glad you are enjoying it so far!  I always wanted to do a "Severus doesn't die" fic.
2017/02/02 - 06:47


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