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Reviews for The Best Brothel in London


letiticia1983 (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
This was very clever - I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  Thank you.Letitia
2017/09/25 - 13:17

stgulik (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
How smart of Severus to turn Lucius' gift to his advantage! A very cute drabble.
2017/08/17 - 08:04

Kate (Anonymous )1: The Best Brothel in London
Excellent!  You captured the character of each perfectly.

Author's Response: Those drabbles sure bring out my silly streak. Glad you enjoyed it.
2017/06/21 - 20:42

2campbell (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
That was hilarious!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I had tons of fun writing this little piece. 
2017/05/27 - 13:42

loreen77 (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
Giggles. That was great!

Author's Response: I had a blast writing this little story. Glad you liked it. 
2017/05/22 - 20:27

Jolene_Wawr (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
The things Sev has to do for some rest... :) I love it!

Author's Response: It's a hard life!
2017/01/27 - 06:36

star_girl (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
Hehe, great twist :)

Author's Response: Didn't see it coming myself.
2017/01/21 - 09:28

HBAR (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
Well played, Severus, lol!

Author's Response: He wasn't put into Slytherin for his good looks alone, hehe
2017/01/19 - 11:24

lazybitch (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
Ha ha! Never expected that.

Author's Response: Neither did I when I started writing this.
2017/01/18 - 14:25

Sampdoria (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
Brilliant, I loved it:-))

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)
2017/01/18 - 05:28

mick42 (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
Lucius gave him what he needed most after all.

Author's Response: Lucius is a dearie :-)
2017/01/16 - 13:40

jectex (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
Cute short. 

Author's Response: Thanks!
2017/01/15 - 21:36

tambrathegreat (Anonymous )1: The Best Brothel in London
Love this!  I especially love that Lucius has no idea what Severus really needs.

Author's Response: You and I both know Lucius' mind...
2017/01/15 - 10:15

gurlimargrethe (Anonymous )1: The Best Brothel in London
winderful, can se it for my inner eye, a well deserved nap in total silense

Author's Response: Would be lovely, wouldn't it?
2017/01/15 - 04:46

MayavanavihariniHarini (Signed )1: The Best Brothel in London
Waking up from a well-deserved nap myself, I do relate to Severus! :P This one has always evoked uncontrolled laughs and satisfied smirks during my countless re-reads. ;) Tailor-made for naughty humour..that's you!

Author's Response: This might just be the best review I've ever recieved.
2017/01/14 - 03:21


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