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Reviews for A Wish to Protect


mwk (Signed )1: A 400-word drabble
2018/04/15 - 16:03

Draconian666 (Signed )1: A 400-word drabble
Lol!!! Love the ending there. Very sweet little one shot 
2018/01/30 - 02:14

HBAR (Signed )1: A 400-word drabble
I don't imagine Snape is easily distracted from the task at hand, so this must really be important to him.  And poor Mundungus ... Can't blame a man for trying.
2017/01/19 - 11:39

sregner (Signed )1: A 400-word drabble
Love this😘

2017/01/15 - 15:50

Sampdoria (Signed )1: A 400-word drabble
Loved it, absolutely loved it:-))

Author's Response: It was very nice of you to say so. 
2016/09/26 - 02:19

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )1: A 400-word drabble
Lol, cute. Glad he's finally getting some consequences for his thieving ways!

Author's Response: I think he'll worm his way out of trouble before too long. :-)
2016/09/19 - 00:56

mt_nestor (Signed )1: A 400-word drabble
What a beautiful, meaningful token of Severus' regard for Hermione.  So much better than your average engagement bling -  oops, ring.  I enjoyed seeing them as aurors. Thanks for the lovely little snippet.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!
2016/09/15 - 11:31

mick42 (Signed )1: A 400-word drabble
Poor Mundungus, Severus is so thick sometimes.

Author's Response: He really can be. :-) 
2016/09/12 - 07:38

Minerva (Signed )1: A 400-word drabble
Lovely, thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you for stopping by!
2016/09/11 - 14:17


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