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Reviews for Words & Wool


goddess knight (Signed )2: Part Two
Snarky!  I love it.
2017/08/27 - 14:30

PHONELADY (Signed )2: Part Two
I loved it! Who knows knew lol thanks
2016/09/11 - 11:01

Moyra (Anonymous )2: Part Two
Thanks for this story, I've very much enjoyed reading it this week end.
2016/08/28 - 14:24

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )2: Part Two
Also, I forgot to all what the significance is of the kappa sweater Mrs Weasley knit for her? I feel quite brain dead at the moment that i can't figure it out. Her luring away travellers was the only thing I could come up with, but I thought those were red caps or hinkypunks, not kappas. 

Author's Response: Nothing very deep, only that I envision British wizards as very much of an Imperial mindset; the kappa may be the only Japanese creature Mrs. Weasley knows and therefore the one she sees as representing the current Hermione.
2016/08/25 - 22:07

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )2: Part Two
It seems my review didn't post, so sorry if this is a duplicate! .  I always love your stories and this one is no different. I do have a hard time proctoring Hermione with such intentional disregard for ministry and house alike (the critters who might damage the house later?), but at the same point, I kind of like to think that sure eventually grew a pair and realized life isn't always about following the rules! ;) 

2016/08/25 - 22:04

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )2: Part Two
Very lovely as always, but I do wonder what happened to the guest house after she returned? Did those creatures she met with damage it?
2016/08/25 - 21:58

Minerva (Signed )2: Part Two
Thank you for a lovely conclusion!
2016/08/24 - 13:42

Minerva (Signed )1: Part One
Wonderful story, I absolutely love it! It always brightens my day when I see a new story by you. And if it is a really bad day, I re-read "Tales of the Nightshirt" for the umteenth time.
2016/08/20 - 13:42

Sampdoria (Signed )1: Part One
I am so happy to see a new story from you, I loved it. (And made me feel imense pried of my knitting, thinking Severus would approve:-)) I loved your Hermione, she had spunk, I love it when she is written as you did here.
2016/08/20 - 01:35


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