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Reviews for A Dream Deferred


star_girl (Signed )5: A New Assignment
Who is Heer? Is she the samer age as the twins' parents? Then how did she become a little girl? And did Narayani deliberately give her the herbs to save Snape? How did she get hold of the herbs given her dislike of using magic? As you can see, I have many questions! I hope you will continue to write so they will be answered :)

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks for reading and reviewing. I do have a plot on my mind that answers all your questions but alas, I can't spill the beans. It's reassuring to read your review. 😊 RL is killing me there (as my self-imposed exile from FB proves....lol) but I will be back.
2017/06/17 - 06:00

star_girl (Signed )4: What Exactly Are the Dark Arts?
I am curious to see how Indian magic ties together with Western, and what this dark force is. Will Parvati be able to heal the stubborn Snape's mind? Was the act of Dark Magic a form of rebirth, that kept Snape alive after Nagini's attack by trading a life for a life? Was it a willing sacrifice or murder? And will Parvati eventually embrace her magic once again? I suppose I need to read on... Well done on posting your first fanfic. You're officially a writer now :)

Author's Response: Ah, star_girl, I'm overwhelmed! Thank you so much :)Yes, you are definitely on the right track though I can't divulge the spoilers yet! :P Am so glad you found it readable:)
2016/12/30 - 04:28

nagandsev (Signed )3: 'Dark' Secrets
Enjoyed how we're introduced to Severus and his state of mind, as snarky as ever--and also the interesting revelation about Padma and Parvati's mother!  ' (...) Quite an interesting Dark Witch she was.”'--wondering how easy it will be for them to find out Aai's secrets...--looking forward to more!

Author's Response: To quote a Malayalam movie, Drishyam, "Scenes are deceptive." *wicked grin* nag, nag, where would I be without you? 'Thank you' sounds too superficial.. You know that already!
2016/09/24 - 11:18

mick42 (Signed )2: The Task... and the Hurdles
Severus lives!  always good news, dark mark gone, and now Parvati on the job to bring him back from the brink. Looking forward to more. 

Author's Response: Of course he doesn't die. He. Just. Can't. Thanks so much dear for continuing to read this.. Your lovely review and shiny stars made my day!

mick42's response: You are a woman after my own heart, there is no way Severus can die, my heart will not allow it.

Author's Response: I promise to make sure he lives. And lives life to the fullest. Stay tuned. Next chapter is up!:)
2016/09/24 - 07:18

roni0811 (Signed )2: The Task... and the Hurdles
look to be  and interesting story!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the feedback. Glad you are enjoying it!
2016/09/20 - 15:45

Fairfield (Signed )2: The Task... and the Hurdles

For some reason, hope it doesn't offend anyone, the elements of the opening chapters: the mother-father relation, the sisters' interaction, the whole family involved in courtship, remind me of the first chapter in 'Pride and Prejudice.'

Author's Response: Dear Fairfield, Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Well, I haven't read that masterpiece and I certainly intend to do so. Whatever interactions I wrote about were based on the conservative and rather strict, yet loving families I have observed around myself. Nevertheless, I am flattered, to say the least..thanks for wasting your valuable time in reading this newcomer's writing!

Author's Response: Dear Fairfield, I just went through the chapter you mentioned (Internet has made it so much easier to search specific chapters of specific books). And no, my dear, Narayani Patil has only one thing in common with Mrs Bennet. Her fiery temper. I don't really understand how Mrs Patil reminded you of her. And you mentioned something about the involvement of the whole family in courtship. Well, honestly I don't know what you meant. I think I made it pretty clear that the only person who knows of Parvati's little crush is her twin. And the Patil parents don't even know about it, and rest assured, won't approve of it at all, as the upcoming chapters will prove.

Fairfield's response:

I see now that I should have given in to the impulse to reply to your first response by saying you expressed it better than I did: it seems that whatever happens the whole family will be involved, and I should have said I know there are numerous differences between the stories.  I suppose you are concerned that I have misled people about what you are writing.  Nevertheless, that is what popped into my head, and the intuitive leap may have been far wrong or it may be that there are more similarities than I consciously realize.

Author's Response: Well, tbh, many Indian families are actively involved in the selection process of prospective brides & grooms for their children and there's nothing wrong about that. So well, family involvement is something that HAS to be highlighted.. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, I understand.
2016/09/05 - 04:15

nagandsev (Signed )2: The Task... and the Hurdles
ps Your chapter did not come across as melodramatic to me, but rather engaging and informative--I personally like to know a lot of the character's background, and love the exploration of Parvati's point of view and life experience shared, contrasting her twin sister's and parents, etc. You've set her up as a very strong, unique individual, and I'm looking forward to learning more about her--and of course her interaction with one particular tall, dark wizard!

Author's Response: Thanks a ton for your reassurance and kindness! The entire Patil family has a vital role in the plot. And yes, I am looking forward to the first session with, ahem, him, as eagerly as you..*blushing*
2016/09/03 - 07:35

nagandsev (Signed )2: The Task... and the Hurdles
Thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, sharing more, with its in-depth background about Parvati and her family--enjoying understanding the different influences in her life and life choices, along with the Marathi & Sanskrit terms, and also how long she has held a deep crush on a particular someone

Looking forward to learning more about her visions, her talk to Aai, and her inital session with Snape!

Author's Response: I'm flattered! In a humble attempt to provide an authentic Marathi flavour, I had to do a bit of research on Marathi as it is not my mothertongue (mine is Bangla). I am thrilled to learn that you liked the Marathi and Sanskrit terms! My everlasting thanks to you!
2016/09/03 - 07:17

mick42 (Signed )1: An Unexpected Request
An intriguing start, looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Dear mick42, thank you so much for your encouragement! It means a lot, especially for a newcomer like me..:)
2016/08/14 - 04:43

nagandsev (Signed )1: An Unexpected Request
Thoroughly intrigued and looking forward to more of Parvati and Padma, but especially to Parvati and her interaction with her newest client... Wondering about what will happen during their first session.

Enjoying Parvati's perspective and inner thoughts, Padma care and concern for her sister, as well as this being a rare pairing and unique story from the Patil sisters point of view--again, looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, nag! You just made my day! It was such a great honour to work with you, and it was even more exciting to get such an encouraging response for my debut fanfic. :)
2016/08/13 - 16:39


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