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Reviews for Other Way Around


mwk (Signed )1: A drabble in four parts
Creative plot and interplay of your characters.

Author's Response: Thanks! That was nice of you.
2016/06/17 - 20:38

Sampdoria (Signed )1: A drabble in four parts
Absolutely loved it. Very sweet and well written:-))

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and being kind enough to review! <3
2016/05/21 - 03:18

WickedlyWanton (Signed )1: A drabble in four parts
Fantastic!  I never could write the 100 word drabbles, myself.  I always seem to go too far over the word limit on everything!  In this, there was just enough mystery to keep the attention, and opens you to a longer fic (or drabble story) later on!

Author's Response: The word limit is the true fun. I usually write the thing, then enjoy the process of whittling and trading. I like this story line and I'm sure I'll get them to the troll caves soon. <3
2016/05/18 - 19:14

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )1: A drabble in four parts
Lol, these two never do have a chance, do they? 

Author's Response: Oh, I don't know! They're doing alright, I think. What did you have in mind for them?
2016/05/04 - 22:56

articcat621 (Signed )1: A drabble in four parts
Oh my goodness, I adore this! It's so sweet, and I love that their wands helped to "open" their eyes. ;) <3

Author's Response: Thank you, dear! I hoped no one would object to stretching wandlore canon this way.
2016/04/30 - 21:22

mick42 (Signed )1: A drabble in four parts
Fabulous, dare we hope for more?

Author's Response: I'd say it's a safe bet! I really like this idea for a career. If I lived in the Potterverse, I'd probably do something like this. 

mick42's response: I'm sure you would be wonderful.
2016/04/30 - 09:44

sunny33 (Signed )1: A drabble in four parts
LOL :)

Author's Response: :)
2016/04/29 - 21:21

Very Small Prophet (Anonymous )1: A drabble in four parts
"Your wand likes me"? Weren't you just asked not to discuss your sex life, Hermione?

Author's Response: Snape didn't object that time, did he? 

2016/04/27 - 16:53


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