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Reviews for A Manner of Rescue

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mick42 (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
Too adorable, a lovely ending. Thank you so much. 
2017/05/08 - 03:16

Minerva (Anonymous )2: A Sort of Memory
Timetravel nearly always puzzles me greatly, but this is lovely. Thank you!
2017/04/24 - 00:18

Prisoner24601 (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
The elegant simplicity of your writing is both delicate and strong...like lace made from steal. Thank you for this.
2016/07/18 - 22:07

kimjo2 (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
Oh yes.  Adorable, yes adorable.  You rule and reign.  Thanks so much
2016/06/05 - 15:32

debjunk (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
Beautifully done! Into the favorites this one goes. Loved his possible sacrifice to save her.
2016/06/01 - 13:11

jectex (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
Awesome story. Loved the way you put things together.
2016/05/28 - 13:29

_oa_ (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
2016/04/30 - 11:18

articcat621 (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
Oooh, I did not see the time travel twist coming! I loved it, and I loved the admittance to Hermione loving him. :) A very happy ending to this tale. xx
2016/03/24 - 10:16

articcat621 (Signed )1: A Manner of Rescue
Ooooooh, I really like this :D Off to eagerly read the next part!
2016/03/24 - 10:12

stgulik (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
What a lovely end to the story. I don't quite understand the time-travel part, but I do like the way Hermione convinces him it's okay to love and live. And then they get to tell their story to their son! ::happy sigh:: Thanks for sharing.
2016/02/06 - 08:40

stgulik (Signed )1: A Manner of Rescue
I really enjoyed this story, and the way he steadfastly stuck to his spy persona to rescue a student he admired so much. Great story.
2016/02/06 - 08:34

blackaces924 (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
just lovely ! 
2016/01/16 - 09:05

sregner (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
Sniff... well done!😘
2015/12/30 - 11:14

jenonymous (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
Beautiful! Thanks, that was tasty!
2015/12/26 - 22:17

ladyljd (Signed )2: A Sort of Memory
Very, very nice!
2015/12/17 - 17:31

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