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Reviews for Masques


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magritte (Signed )1: Masques
Thoroughly enjoyed this! Thanks for posting. I really appreciated the resolution and Hermione's explanation of how her new two selves interacted and melded in her own brain. I do love the nerdy magic stuff. 
2015/10/10 - 06:49

mistresscosmos (Signed )1: Masques
A beautiful journey. I can't write put into words how wonderful this short story is. It goes beyond my current vocabulary, immediately after reading it. All I can offer you is: very well done.
2015/10/04 - 09:44

breastlady (Signed )1: Masques
I loved it Ladymage Samiko! I am glad you went the directions you went so that it wasn't at all cliche'. It was an old idea but original and magical! Hermione benefited and Severus learned a lesson that benefitted them both.  I really like that she and Severus didn't have a big fight but that she handled him as she had learned to do as Sage.  She learned to control her temper to her great advantage.  I also have a more friendly feeling toward the Malfoys. I really liked the idea that Hermione saw Lady Sage as who she would be if she had been born a pureblood and accepted it without judgement. It just is what it is. I liked what I learned about purebloods. Everyone won in this story. I do hope Severus wasn't required to brew anything too Dark or nasty for Lucius. I was feeling rather sad before I read this story. I've been really sad about Ms_Figg, but you really cheered me up.  Thank you. Your writing skills and story telling gifts are excellent. 
2015/09/20 - 14:38

m eggar (Signed )1: Masques
Just a quick thank you for a great story. Both characters were kept believable and the story itself kept me amused, and reading, to the end.
2015/09/17 - 02:53

Jinxie (Signed )1: Masques
Lovely story. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing!
2015/09/14 - 04:53

Pieredaes Muse (Signed )1: Masques
Thank you for sharing this with us! I absolutely loved every bit of it--definitely my favorite variation on the Pygmalion story. 
2015/09/11 - 18:23

fifiotoole (Signed )1: Masques
Great story. Lots of interesting ideas ..
2015/09/10 - 16:28

Sampdoria (Signed )1: Masques
I loved it, even if I think Severus got off way to easy after making that bet about her. It was a cruel, careless and obnoxious thing to do and I am still somewhat mad at him. But, on the other side, excellent plot and brilliantly written and I got my much needed happy ending so I guess I forgive him anyway:-))

Author's Response: He did, I agree.  Hermione had a lot of anger that never really got dealt with properly; I just couldn't manage it, and it bugs me, too.
2015/09/08 - 18:46


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