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Reviews for Left Alive


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2017/08/26 - 03:23

Prisoner24601 (Signed )1: Left Alive
Such a captivating canvass you paint in the mind! 
2016/07/18 - 22:18

magritte (Signed )1: Left Alive
Magical artistry is limited in canon, so I always enjoy reading authors' ideas about how it might work. Lovely, delicate piece. Thanks! 
2015/10/10 - 06:53

breastlady (Signed )1: Left Alive
I found the story touching. I also found your inspiration story exciting. I had a bilateral mastectomy 11 years ago. I know my reconstruction could have been better if they would have been willing to put the expence into using my body fat instead of saline implants. I don't miss my old breasts; they were a liability. But I hate my new breasts. They are strangly shaped and I've never bothered to get my nipples done because I've always hoped something better would come along. I found someone in my town who does beautiful nipples but it isn't covered by my insurance. I have no confidence that the doctors who think my ugly breasts look natural would have any idea what a nipple should look like. It's a few hundred dollars for good nipples. I'm saving up.  Thanks for the story. 
2015/10/07 - 22:02

deedeebug95 (Signed )1: Left Alive
Really beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
2015/09/01 - 22:08

themistresssnape (Signed )1: Left Alive
That was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Before I even got to the notes, it reminded me of OLLA. It had that kind of slow, deep pace. Like a heartbeat. Beautiful work! ~The Mistress
2015/09/01 - 04:27

Jinxie (Signed )1: Left Alive
Lovely. Thanks for sharing! 
2015/08/31 - 07:30

sunny33 (Signed )1: Left Alive
Beautifully crafted. :)
2015/08/27 - 05:39

braye27 (Signed )1: Left Alive
Hermione's imagry is beautitul, and I loved when Severus was able to find his own beauty.  Well done. 


2015/08/21 - 15:19

mick42 (Signed )1: Left Alive
Beautiful, and a joy to read, Thank you so much.
2015/08/19 - 23:59

mistresscosmos (Signed )1: Left Alive
"From letter to word,from word to line.From line to page,from page to eye.From eye to mind,from mind to heart.From heart to soul,from soul to life."
Is this piece your own or otherwise inspired?

Author's Response: This is, in fact, my own.  I was trying to formulate a design for Hermione's tattoos that would be meaningful for her, and was working with mental images of the texts that are used in Thai tattoo.  (See the article I cited in the ANs.)  When I thought about what would be central to her life and worldview, this is what I came up with.
2015/08/18 - 02:48

On his terms (Signed )1: Left Alive
Very evocative. I love the idea of Severus taking time to (finally) feel beautiful.
2015/08/18 - 01:24

angeleye68 (Signed )1: Left Alive
That was just beautiful. Amazing read! Thank you for sharing. 
2015/08/17 - 15:18


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