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Reviews for Many Thanks, Part 6


SskqIsEe4Wm3 (Anonymous )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' Drabble
While I agree with much of this, and how it applies to the ygoeunr branches, I disagree with some. Most thoughtful parents are not going to intentionally let their pre-teen child leave the house in a costume that is designed to present them in a sexual and objectified way. Yes, absolutely. And I 100% agree with the idea of making costumes. But when it comes to the older branches, girls who are actually curious about sex and dressing in a revealing manner, I think it's dangerous to say: There is NO place for a hyper sexualized, semi-bare breasted Hermione in our vision of strong, brave girls who are passionate about social justice and healthy, caring relationships. Why not? Do we really want to say that being sexy and smart are mutually exclusive concepts? A sexualized woman can’t be caring or brave? dress like a slut and no one will say anything about it Does dressing a certain way automatically make someone a slut? Should we promote that way of thinking amongst girls? I feel that would be irresponsible and dangerous. We're basically telling them to judge each other based on what they wear. The fact is many girls go through a phase where they try dressing in a more revealing or sexy way. But even if you look like a sex object that doesn't mean you have to *act* like one. If Hermione chose to dress sexy, that doesn't give other girls the right to judge her for it. And that doesn't make Hermione less smart. It just makes her look different.
2015/12/13 - 09:33

orlando switch (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' Drabble
When reading this it struck me that Draco might be not only moved because of Scorpius display of love as such but also because in showing this love he is so clearly Harry's child. He has Harry's capacity for love and his perception of what is really important in human rerlationships written all over him, paired with the best of Draco's traits.

Despite not having Harry it must be some consolation to Draco that their child is the best blend of both of them that he could have hoped for.
2015/09/08 - 05:32

richardgloucester (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' Drabble
Lovely.  Very touching.
2015/05/14 - 05:58

peskipiksi (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' Drabble
These are all so lovely. Glad to see Draco has mellowed. And raised such a well-mannered son.
2015/04/23 - 07:45

MsTree (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' Drabble
Riiiiight, that's what it was. Drizzle from the sky, not from the eye. ^_^
2015/04/01 - 13:46

Bettina (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' Drabble
aaah, I should have read this before reviewing letter 5.  
2015/04/01 - 06:11

mick42 (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' Drabble
Awwww, I want to give Scorpius a big hug. Please pass the tissues Draco. 
2015/04/01 - 00:32


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