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Reviews for Draco Malfoy and the Jewels of Power


mick42 (Signed )3: The Diamond of Deceit
Well our Pansy is a dab hand with a mace, who would have thought, I hope she never finds out who was driving that tank.

Author's Response:
She is a dab hand when under the ennobling and empowering influence of the jewel, but her first great deed is to smash it whereupon she reverts to vengeful Pansy.  Part of the story is that the Malfoys bamboozle everyone while delivering their opinion of the Ministry and the Gryffindors.  Thanks for the review.
2015/02/27 - 00:14

nagandsev (Signed )3: The Diamond of Deceit
The Diamond of Deceit, a mighty foe to have confronted... Enjoyed Pansy and her wielded mace, she seems to have survived, unharmed and empowered as ever; intriguing elements of revenge touched upon, sinister and twisty. Lovely, intriguing. encompassing tale--thank you!

Author's Response:
Thank you for all the reviews.  Light-hearted humor is difficult, and three sections seem to be the current limit.  Yes, the main items in this section were the twisted and misguided motives along with a vengeful and empowered Pansy.
2015/02/22 - 07:51

mick42 (Signed )2: The Pearl of Passion
 " Why are you looking at me? " Really Lucius? Meet the best man for the job, just look in the mirror. Using the power of the Pearl against it was brilliant, looking forward to more gems.

Author's Response:
More gems?  Very funny, and thank you.

mick42's response: Sorry, I couldn't help myself, I'm a sucker for a punny line, bad, bad Mick.
2015/02/19 - 06:48

nagandsev (Signed )2: The Pearl of Passion
Love the symbolism and engulfment of the Pearl of Passion.

The quartet of writers' contributions and own life stories are a delicious literary ride:-) All the twists and turns of each character, dialogue, and narrative is such a wonderful, concise revelation, experiencing both the parodic and poignant elements--love the spectrum of perceptions given; the seeking-wand and Lucius fully equipped, hazmat suit--HA!-- 'a Mulberry twig with the core a feather from a homing pigeon.'--rofl-- No, the mulberry stains never will come out, and the silk threads of enticement, being lured in... and the destruction...

Brilliant and Poetic chapter.


nagandsev's response: The editor's contribution is exquisite. Just exquisite.

Author's Response:
Thanks.  Metafic does allow for quick changes of scenes and styles.  Halfway through the editor's spiel, she loses the thread of the story and rants about her personal life, but to some extent, they're all doing that.  Glad you enjoyed the Lucius sequence.
2015/02/17 - 14:29

mick42 (Signed )1: The Ruby of Rules
Nice to see you back, looking forward to more adventures with editor, Biff, Cho and Theo. 

Author's Response:
Thanks.  There are two more jewels to dispose of - in some clever manner, we hope. 
2015/02/14 - 08:04

nagandsev (Signed )1: The Ruby of Rules
Intrigued--the Jewels of Power--YAY! So happy that the editor, Biff, Cho and Theo are back to share their tales of others' tales within their own livelihoods! The tank is a delightfully wild & wonderful element--can just see Draco and Astoria in it--ha! Love the starting points and observations of the editor and Cho, Biff, and Theo--and the different levels of engagement each one invites us to experience--although my heart goes out to Theo, who seems painfully smitten by the, perhaps, seemingly elusive Cho-- looking forward to more!

Author's Response:
Thanks.  Metafic might allow an author's own thoughts to leak into the story - a cautionary reminder.

I can't imagine Draco and Astoria getting tgether in any other way.   
2015/02/13 - 12:29


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