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Reviews for 1998. June 20. Sunset.


demelzabuck (Signed )1: One
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2018/02/18 - 23:06

loreen77 (Signed )1: One
Lol. Summer is coming. Must see flimsy dresses. Lol. That is great!! Great job. 
2017/06/12 - 14:34

zW1htg5Qh0BJ (Anonymous )1: One
. . .. . . that I belong in Ravenclaw!Said Ravenclaw, “We’ll teach those whose inlngtileece is surest.” scored me:95% Ravenclaw,88% Hufflepuff,69% Gryffindor,49% Slytherin. More MMADfanHP Fanfic ResourcesWordPress BlogrollSearch this SiteSearch for:Email Subscription to MMADfan's BlogEnter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. (Or, for WordPress.com users, log in to WordPress and refresh this page.)Join 28 other followersFeeds Recent PostsRecent Comments on on on Dianne on on on Our Mirror of ErisedFor lovers of AU HP fanfic and rare pairs.Where I archive my downloadable fics of all ratings.All friendly adult fans of AU HP fanfic and uncommon noncanon 'ships welcome!
2015/11/27 - 00:54

H987outh3 (Anonymous )1: One
I agree summer is a great time to watch the night sky. We have used Celestial Seeker to idtienfy constellations. It is a handheld device that has constellation cards. The cards light up so that you can see the stars. We found that it is better than using a book and flashlight. The flashlight uses too much light and blinds us so that we have to readjust our eyes again to see the stars.
2015/11/26 - 21:48

stgulik (Signed )1: One
What a charming little interlude, and a beautiful turning point in their lives. I like the way nearly everything is conveyed through dialogue. Thank you for sharing.
2015/08/04 - 23:41

Phyllidia (Signed )1: One
2015/03/01 - 20:53

nagandsev (Signed )1: One
Romantic and a wonderful slice of summer's tease and promise of love and dancing--lovely, lovely piece!
2015/02/20 - 13:41

mt_nestor (Anonymous )1: One
A beautiful setting for a lovely moment. Thank you for transporting me there.
2015/02/04 - 08:42

articcat621 (Signed )1: One
this makes me smile every time I read it :)
2015/01/25 - 16:22

mick42 (Signed )1: One
Yes, in there where everyone can see,
2015/01/25 - 01:53

wiccakitty (Signed )1: One
 Lovely! :)
2015/01/24 - 16:15


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