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Reviews for Blag, Blatch, Blurt—Snitchnip


orlando switch (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
So if this happens in their fourth year it will take Scorpius another year to ask her for the yule ball, according to your latest installation in this universe.
it's fun though to see Rose's Slytherin tendencies. She really is much more sublte than Hermione.
2015/09/13 - 17:12

amr (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
A very wonderful little story--your Rose is *such* a Slytherin.  As is Al.  Scorpius, on the other hand....  Anyway, congratulations on another one.  I particularly liked "Snape's beak" as an exclamation.  Nice to know he's up there with Merline and his hairy testicles.

Author's Response: LOL! Dear Scorpius; his Slytherin qualities are more along the lines of extraordinary discretion, social adeptness, and an almost uncanny knack for success, than of the deliberate scheming variety.
Professor Snape would like to vehemently assert that his proboscis does not associate with any of Merlin's rude parts. I would like to laugh at the good professor for getting so worked up about it.
Thank you most kindly for reviewing!
2014/11/18 - 19:30

mick42 (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
Rose has well and truely staked her claim on Scorpius, and Scorpius is starting to stake his claim on Rose, he just doesn't know it yet. 

Author's Response: The thing that amuses me most about Rose is that she was so focused on chasing girls away from Scorpius that she never noticed the trail of boys following her around with drool on their chins. Contrary to what Rose and Scorpius believe, Al spends much more time quietly laughing at them behind their backs than he does flirting.

(And it's a good thing for Jamie McMillan that Rose had already made her choice. Otherwise, he'd find out just how subtle and dangerous a serpent Scorpius can be. )

mick42's response: Yes Al has a lot of fun, just watching his mates, he can see things so much clearer form the outside looking in. As for Scorpius, well he is his fathers son, and the green eyed monster could well raise it's black head.
2014/11/16 - 03:42

jadecadence (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
" Younger years gave way to upper years when going through doors, unless older boys were trying to score points with a girl." - i don't know how the two are related? nice introduction of other character names though. how were they named? ;)))

Author's Response: Older boys won't make a younger girl wait for them to enter a room--if they're attracted to her and trying to flatter her. As for the names, all surnames were made up or chosen at random. First names are loosely based on a list of schoolmates my children reported as having been disagreeable to them.
2014/11/16 - 01:47

gr33neyes (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
This whole idea with Rose manifesting her jealousy is just soooo adorable! Job well done! 

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I almost sacrificed this story in favor of one about Scorpius trying to ask Rose out--but my children loved this idea so much, I found a way to make it work.
2014/11/15 - 16:31

MsTree (Signed )1: 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
Oh, my! The babies are growing up SO fast, aren't they? ^_^

Author's Response: Indeed they are--before you know it, the owlets will be fully fledged and nesting. Thank you for reviewing!
2014/11/15 - 16:13


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