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Reviews for The Crafty Case of the Corpses That Weren't Corpses

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jenonymous (Signed )3: In Which Murder Will Out
Ah! That was satisfying! AND well-written! Brava, Ladymage Samiko! I had a lovely time.
2015/09/12 - 12:28

Lyght816 (Signed )3: In Which Murder Will Out
WOW! Not too dragged out, definite twists, great play by play! Enjoyable and fun :) Thank you! Very creative and a great read!
2014/12/06 - 22:30

ladyljd (Signed )3: In Which Murder Will Out
Reading this was a delight. So much so that I will check out your recommended Sayers title.  All I can say is encore, encore!
2014/08/30 - 00:27

mick42 (Signed )3: In Which Murder Will Out
A very enjoyable tale, Ginny as a serial killer was unexpected, but made sense. Hermione is well on the way to getting Severus right where he wants her. 
2014/08/18 - 01:10

mick42 (Signed )2: In Which Murder is Disproven… and Re-proven
I think that Umber has it right, they need to look for someone that has a gruge againt Dennis.
2014/08/17 - 10:37

sunny33 (Signed )3: In Which Murder Will Out
Nicely done.  I really enjoyed the way it was written and the plot.  :) 
2014/08/17 - 00:13

sunny33 (Signed )2: In Which Murder is Disproven… and Re-proven
I want a Brownie of my own. :)
2014/08/16 - 23:59

sunny33 (Signed )1: In Which Murder Appears…?
I don't know Dorothy Sayers, but I love the style if writing you have here. :)
2014/08/16 - 23:52

mick42 (Signed )1: In Which Murder Appears…?
I love a good murder mystery. and this is looking very good.
2014/08/16 - 07:04

hopelesliehermnharry (Signed )1: In Which Murder Appears…?
Still can't believe my fist prompt, ever, contributed to the birth of this wonderful fic...Thanking you again for this amazing gift and for taking the time to write this unforgivable tale. Gaudy night was, and still is, my all time favorite Dorothy L Sayers novel and you are, my friend, a very talented writer.

hopelesliehermnharry's response: Unforgettable me meant!!!!Oh yes, i would love a sequel based on busman's honeymoon, if you would be so inclined...wink, wink...
2014/08/15 - 19:17

Minerva (Anonymous )3: In Which Murder Will Out
Placetne, Magistra?
Wonderful story, thank you. "Gaudy Night" is one of my absolute favourites.
2014/08/15 - 08:39

Cerydden M_Layne (Signed )3: In Which Murder Will Out
Seemed different from your usual work and now that I've seen the author's notes, understand why.  Very nice job.  It was quite clever.  Thanks for your efforts!
2014/08/15 - 04:36

On his terms (Signed )3: In Which Murder Will Out
Darn, I missed the clues! Nicely done, I liked the Sayers inspiration. Can I keep Umber?

Author's Response: Thank you!  You can if you can convince him to follow you home, but I think it'll be quite a challenge to pry him away from Severus's service.  Perhaps he has a cousin available…?
2014/08/15 - 04:20

PDamian (Signed )3: In Which Murder Will Out
Witty, well-plotted, well-written ... and very well received! Thanks for writing!
2014/08/14 - 20:41

MsTree (Signed )3: In Which Murder Will Out
I like this, but then I LOVE the Dorothy Sayers stories about Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane. Have you read the continuations by Jill Paton Walsh? She almost has the Sayers touch. ^_^

Author's Response: (^_^)  I read the 'collaboration' of Thrones, Dominations and the solo effort that followed.  I liked the former, but the latter didn't work for me, so I haven't read any further.  Thank you for the review!

MsTree's response: The last one took them back to Oxford twenty years later. it was pretty good. ^_^
2014/08/14 - 20:26

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