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Reviews for Recovery Continues: Believing is Seeing


articcat621 (Signed )1: one-shot, 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
Oh my goodness, this was one of the best post-war story that I have ever read. Phenomenal job getting everyone's feelings across :)

Author's Response: Thank you most kindly. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
2014/07/13 - 17:32

Who (Signed )1: one-shot, 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
Oh, where to start? All of this is so wonderful, and emotional, and you have made me like every single one of these characters, even the ones who are having a hard time being likeable. But in your hands, I believe that they have a chance to become something more, to be better people. Thank you so  much for writing this!

Author's Response: I think that one of the things that motivates me to write is a desire to take difficult characters in hand and make them relatable. It's a real treat to know that I've succeeded! Thank you very kidly for reviewing
2014/02/15 - 00:24

feisanna (Signed )1: one-shot, 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel

Author's Response: *bows* Thank you kindly!
2014/02/08 - 12:06

AuntieL (Signed )1: one-shot, 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
This was lovely! I loved seeing Ron finally get closure based on his daughter's experience.

Author's Response: Thank you! No veteran's experience can be tidied up with an 'all's well,' so I felt these characters were owed something.
2014/02/06 - 08:37

mick42 (Signed )1: one-shot, 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
It seems that none of them have truely come to terms, with all they went through in the war. No wound can be healed, unless it can be seen, and proper action is taken to se that it is not festering. George has never had any kind of help, coping with his wounds, his drinking is swept under the carpet, and it is only now when it has affected his son so baddly that everyone is starting to open up and face their own demons. Thank you for another chapter in this wonderful story. 

Author's Response: You're very welcome--and thank you for reviewing once more!
2014/02/06 - 05:22

jadecadence (Signed )1: one-shot, 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
I am very glad you chose to tackle such a formidable topic! 

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I hope I did it at least some justice.
2014/02/05 - 21:28

MsTree (Signed )1: one-shot, 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
Loved it! Can just see how the past and the present come together.

However, this sentence: "Can’t you see we’re trying to NOT to arrest Fred for anything?" Did you put too many to's in it? It just reads awkward for me. Or maybe it's just me. ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you kindly! (Also, many thanks for pointing out the 'Cat-o' in that line; the little fur stinker is fascinated with typing fingers. I'm guessing he pounced on the 'delete' key. )
2014/02/05 - 18:58

orlando switch (Signed )1: one-shot, 'A Credit to Their Houses' sequel
This was wonderful and so neccesary in the whole of the story. I am glad Ron came around and Molly was seeing reason. I'm so glad you continue your story with these kind of glimpses.

I must admit I am also curious when Al and Scorp will learn they are half brothers because your end of A Credit.. hinted about them not knowing yet, also because Scorp begrudges Gus of taking/stealing away his mother. I hope he will learn more about the truth and I hope Harry and Draco will find happiness.

Author's Response: Thank you as always for reviewing! As to whether Scorpius will ever learn anything of his curious origins, the adults in his life have gone to great pains to ensure that he does not. It remains to be seen whether Al, from whose prying nature little can be hidden, will respect their wishes in this regard.

orlando switch's response: So are you hinting that Al does know the truth or that he will find out?
And what if the relation between Harry and Draco will start to blossom again? Surely that is not something they'll want to hide from their children?

I do understand the adults didn't want Scorp to know about his origin, especially when he was young, but I do feel sorry for him that he now seems to begrudge Gus of taking away his mother just because he doesn't have the proper information.
I think sometimes the circumstances change and decisions that were totally understandable in the past don't hold any longer.

I really hope you will write another insight in their history in which we can see how Draco and Harry will further develop their friendship and to what direction that will lead, since I really think in the end all your characters deserve happiness.
2014/02/05 - 16:40


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