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Reviews for Dragons in the Dungeon

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jXjWeqKrLO (Anonymous )12: Chapter Twelve
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2018/04/17 - 17:50

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2018/04/16 - 10:33

kfnPXCyFneYCreYVIP (Anonymous )12: Chapter Twelve
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2018/01/06 - 03:32

mick42 (Signed )14: Chapter Fourteen
Please accept my condolences on your mothers passing. It is lovely to have you back, and to have another chapter of this wonderful story, I hope to see more as soon as you are feeling better.
2017/09/01 - 01:31

Sandra (Anonymous )14: Chapter Fourteen
MsTree, condolences on your mother's passing.  I'm very glad to see this story continue!  I love Athair!  Can't wait to see what's wrong with Diggory.  Looking forward to more chapter in future.

Author's Response: Thank you. I need to finish editing the next chapter, but I need to find my creative mojo first. It went into hiding and hasn't emerged from its cave yet. 😯
2017/06/17 - 00:36

Minerva (Anonymous )14: Chapter Fourteen
I am glad your are back, thank you for this chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you. I actually had it ready to be posted when Mother was admitted to the hospital for the last time. Posted it into the queue while she was home in hospice care. That was the first part of March. 
I will, hopefully, have Chapter 15 edited and ready to post soon, now that the family has gone back to their own homes (FINALLY!).
2017/05/30 - 06:39

Moyra (Anonymous )13: Chapter Thirteen
Loved this chapter a lot - Minerva as matriarch, that's just so astute. And I love it how you portrait Athair, longing for family. You make me more and more curious about the intruder - he (or she) seems to be out for revenge.
Any chance for a new update coming up?

Author's Response: Updates depend on the moderators. I uploaded the last two chapters (12 and 13) on the same day last January. I will upload the next two chapters when I get home from vacation. Since the story's finished, it's just a matter of getting the chapters posted. Minerva being the headmistress would make her the matriarch of the school in a young dragon's viewpoint, and despite his age, Athair is a young dragon. ^_^
2016/06/08 - 11:14

mick42 (Signed )13: Chapter Thirteen
I hope Gaby will be ok.

Author's Response: Keeeeeep reading (when the next chapters ate put up). :)
2016/05/29 - 03:03

Moyra (Anonymous )12: Chapter Twelve
I am always pleased to find a new chap of this exciting tale. Love it how you let Severus and Athair interact with themselves and the others.
And I don't trust Amos Diggory. I am also suspicious of Ron's request to take tea with so many of Hogwart's current attendees. Mysterious, mysterious - looking forward to the next chap.
I wonder how long it will take for coming out of the queue, the last one took two months, if I'm interpreting the dates correctly. Anyway, it's always worth the wait. Thanks a lot for continuing this tale.

Author's Response: Thank YOU for the wonderful review.

I put Chapter 13 into the queue at the same time as Chapter 12, but in administrative hold since Chapter 12 hadn't gone through yet. Right now it's number 6 in line. I expect it to be through and posted sometime in the next two months.
2016/04/01 - 06:10

mick42 (Signed )12: Chapter Twelve
I must say I'm feeling a little sorry for Mr Diggory, he has no idea what he is walking into.

Author's Response: Oh, you have NO idea.
2016/03/20 - 19:51

mistresscosmos (Signed )10: Chapter Ten
I keep hoping for an update ;) . I just finished rereading all the available chapters

Author's Response: Sorry, there's been some illness in my family with a protracted stay in the hospital for myself as well. I have Chapters 12 and 13 ready to be edited, but I have to psych myself into editing them. ^_^

mistresscosmos's response: Well you are missed. I hope you and your family feel better soon. I know what you mean about illness, I just had my cancer removed after two years of trying to get insurance and then get everything approved.
2015/11/29 - 12:00

JK6hxFDWsWt (Anonymous )3: Chapter Three
hello harry potter, i am kanapla singh a indian big fan of yours .harry love your life and i love your all fndz, hermaoni, ron, ginny, luna fred, george and of course nevil longbottom. harry sure this is the final battle for harry potter and the deathly hellows part 2 ..but u know what you are always in our heart, you are great actor in the hollywood industries and we are always missing you and all these people who apart from this movie.harry you have a so much fan in diff. 2 countary, but in india !!!!! you have a lot of fans for you ..and i can say something to you from my ture heart please only one time please just one time for you fan sake .come to india and meet yours fans, they loved you, they liked you darling even i also loved you sooooooooooooooo much. i always watching your movies everyday but now i decided i watch your movie every 18 hours ..please whenever you come to india we are most welcome to you .and we all indian glad that you come to our countary.we are missing our magical world harry and missing also my harry potter and his frndz too.today i am feel very sad .just becouse now in future we never see the harry potter again we are waiting for you ..I Love You Danial we love love you and we always blessed you .
2015/11/27 - 01:29

c8rX4KzVgck (Anonymous )2: Chapter Two
. . .. . . that I belong in Ravenclaw!Said Ravenclaw, “We’ll teach those whose ilennligetce is surest.” scored me:95% Ravenclaw,88% Hufflepuff,69% Gryffindor,49% Slytherin. More MMADfanHP Fanfic ResourcesWordPress BlogrollSearch this SiteSearch for:Email Subscription to MMADfan's BlogEnter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. (Or, for WordPress.com users, log in to WordPress and refresh this page.)Join 28 other followersFeeds Recent PostsRecent Comments on on on Dianne on on on Our Mirror of ErisedFor lovers of AU HP fanfic and rare pairs.Where I archive my downloadable fics of all ratings.All friendly adult fans of AU HP fanfic and uncommon noncanon 'ships welcome!
2015/11/27 - 01:29

mick42 (Signed )11: Chapter Eleven
It would appear that Athair is a permanent part of Severus, I wonder if it will be possible to separate them without harming one or the other.

Author's Response: To quote one of my favourite authors: Keeeeeeep reading. ^_^
2015/07/17 - 07:53

mick42 (Signed )10: Chapter Ten
A shadow dragon, a perfect fit for Severus.

Author's Response: I have to agree. It's probably why Velvet Song chose the species as Severus' alter ego. 
2015/07/03 - 06:54

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