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Reviews for Hyperbole

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ladyljd (Signed )3: Chapter 3
What a delight.  I only wish there was more story to read.  Well done!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you for the nice compliment!
2016/09/26 - 18:15

moor (Signed )3: Chapter 3
LOVED the banter back & forth, and esp the scene of the charms in action in the woods! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to comment! The scene in the woods was very popular with readers. 
2014/05/11 - 18:51

azulkan2 (Signed )3: Chapter 3
Great story.  Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you!
2014/05/09 - 18:34

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )3: Chapter 3
Aww, I liked the ending! The bickering back and forth was pretty funny too. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!
2013/08/19 - 23:14

Gemini Sister (Signed )3: Chapter 3
HG publishing her first book, how the plot grew to ensnare us and to reveal who the publishers were. I laughed out loud when HG realised it was Snape and his own bellow of being discovered then played by HG - that was hilarious. Then for him to turn up unexpectedly at her graduation - lovely touch. Least she saved her fellow graduates from a very boring speech. Loved it. Thanks for writing and sharing with us.

Author's Response: The struggle to gain the upper hand just made them like each other more. I appreciate your taking the time to write.
2013/08/18 - 04:52

idreamofdraco (Signed )3: Chapter 3
This was a lovely story! I must say, part of me had hoped that Snape would have brought Hermione's parents with him, cured. But the fact that they weren't there was more realistic and didn't take away from the happy ending. You definitely left me with a smile on my face!

Author's Response: Ooh, I never thought of that! That would have been a dramatic ending under other circumstances. Thanks for reading and sharing with me.
2013/08/17 - 17:02

braye27 (Signed )3: Chapter 3
Can I just tell you how sweet, wonderful, loving, and lovely your story is?  Reading this final chapter made me feel good.  In fact, I read it three times simply for the joy of it.

I'm so happy Severus went to Hermione's graduation!  And I'm even gladder that he kissed her... several times... and thank you for this marvelous story.  You do it so well.

Hugs, Beffey

Author's Response: Beffey, thanks for reading! The bit with the kiss(es) was controversial among the readership in the stgulik household, but in the end everyone decided it worked, and I'm glad you thought so, too.
2013/08/16 - 23:33

TalesOfSnape (Signed )3: Chapter 3
Oh but this was fun! So much fun that next time it's my turn to do a rec at one bad man on LJ, this is it. So if no one else volunteers for Saturday between now (a shade past one in the morning) and when I get back up, you're it.

Author's Response: Very cool! You've made my day! Hey, I guess I'd better get in there and fix the German in Chapter 2 before the guests arrive.
2013/08/16 - 18:16

braye27 (Signed )2: Chapter 2
What a hilarious chapter!  There isn't a single word that isn't perfect and perfectly funny.  Justin was just brimming with pertinent information, and Hermione was brilliant with her letters.  I loved it when Lucius caught Severus armed with a magnifying glass and her class picture.

The mental picture I had of the Great Severus and Company field trip is priceless.  Thank you for such an entertaining belly laugh.  Being surrounded by subordinates who are older than he, and Hufflepuffs who can't be intimidated has got to be a new experience for our Potions master.


Author's Response: Those Huffs will keep his business afloat like no others. He just doesn't appreciate them yet.
2013/08/16 - 17:30

braye27 (Signed )1: Chapter 1
Oh, my aching head.  Severus is going to regret not having read Hermione's manuscript, isn't he?  The "eye-watering, poison green" of the proposed book cover cracked me up- especially as he had ended his letter with that "we can also go with magenta" post script.

*iz grinning*  Let the games begins.  Is Lucius prepared to referree this brewing battle?  Well done!


braye27's response: PS: I really love the address- 52 Hyperb Alley!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to comment! I hope you enjoy the rest of the games.
2013/08/16 - 16:22

amr (Signed )3: Chapter 3
This was great fun, a really wonderful story, particularly the letters pretending to assume Hermione had written a children's book.  (It's almost a novel in letters altogether.  I do wonder whether it began life as one.)  But I confess that I liked the first two chapters so much that I found the SSHG PromptFest and read the rest of it there.  And then I guiltily read the whole thing again when you posted the final chapter.  As a result, I was a bit puzzled by some of the editorial changes you made, and curious about the reasons.  (I always wonder why people change things.)  In the first version, when Hermione asks if Snape had known Schwimmer when he was at the Wiesbaden Academy, Snape says merely that he'd known Schwimmer at university, disliked him, and that Schwimmer always called him "Sevvy," nicely setting up your final punch line.  And in your newer version this is omitted, and instead Snape says they were at university together in Prague.  The change puzzled me completely!  

Author's Response: Thanks for reading this story - twice! And so thoroughly! You're right, I did make small changes between the promptfest version and the one here on TPP. With regard to Schwimmer, I wanted him and SS to have been university students together - not teachers or teacher-student. Hermione asked if SS knew him from Wiesbaden Academy When I went to put it up here, I felt "Wiesbaden Academy" didn't sound "Uni" enough. So I had SS say he made Schwimmer's acquaintence at university (in Prague - foreign but not glamourous ).

amr's response: Thanks!  And I can see that "Sevvy" sounds more fellow-st8udent-ish than professor-to-student-ish, so perhaps you didn't need to prepare for it!  It really was a lovely story.
2013/08/13 - 14:25

nagandsev (Signed )3: Chapter 3
Lovely, lovely work! The flow and dynamics of the letters with the evolving bantering and understanding and love unfolding is.just.so.wonderful! The coming together of equal minds, hearts and souls has got ol' naggie pooh all mushy & squishy! looking forward to more and more! *squish*

Author's Response: Nag, you're the best. Thanks for all your help and encouragement!
2013/08/13 - 07:19

londonlupin (Signed )3: Chapter 3
I enjoyed your story very much

Author's Response: Thank you!
2013/08/13 - 04:25

Sampdoria (Signed )3: Chapter 3
Thank you so much for giving us a most fantastic story, I have enjoyed every chapter. Their dialogue through letters were absolutely brilliant, I am so impressed over how well you told their story that way. For Severus to attend her graduation were icing on the cake and the end was just perfect:-))

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and for taking the time to review!
2013/08/13 - 02:53

Sampdoria (Signed )2: Chapter 2
So happy for the update and I can't wait to read Hermiones new letter to her publisher:-))

Author's Response: Glad you're sticking with 'em.
2013/08/09 - 18:28

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