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Reviews for Falling

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Bindi (Signed )9: Chapter Eight and a half
I do hope you will write more on this. I have really enjoyed it especially Hermione's Moms remarks about Severus.
2018/07/20 - 21:44

mo112 (Signed )9: Chapter Eight and a half
Enjoyed your Story very much, thank you!
2014/04/11 - 01:55

persefone (Signed )9: Chapter Eight and a half
I really enjoyed your story... such a pity it wasn't longer! I'm really looking forward reading some more of your stories 
2014/01/07 - 13:54

persefone (Signed )1: Chapter One
I really enjoyed this first chapter, especially the Departament of Mysteries interview. Looking forward reading the next one! 
2014/01/07 - 12:35

mick42 (Signed )9: Chapter Eight and a half
They both got what they wanted, a quite a bit more.
2013/11/20 - 00:47

tenoh27 (Signed )9: Chapter Eight and a half
Sweet and lovely, thank you very much!

Author's Response: Thank you - I'm glad you liked it :)
2013/10/22 - 23:39

littleone17 (Signed )9: Chapter Eight and a half
Very cute and sweet. I enjoyed watching Hermione and Severus learn to trust together.  Thank you for sharing. 

Author's Response: Thank you very much :)
2013/10/06 - 21:45

moor (Signed )9: Chapter Eight and a half
I loved how gentle and intuitive you made them! And thank you for keeping Hermione's Gryf!courage and determination. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Characterisation is very important to me, so it's lovely to hear that you enjoyed this :)
2013/09/27 - 07:03

Phyllidia (Signed )9: Chapter Eight and a half
What a lovely little story.  And now I am ready for the rest.  You know, what they get up to in the DOM, what happened with all the Newtonian liquids, what did Harry & Ron think about the two of them, did she ever figure out which potion her parents were talking about, did the pigeon get its revenge on her......

Author's Response:

Lol, I would love to tell you that story, but I just don't know it yet! Let me know if you find out about the pigeon though!

Thank you so much for reading and for leaving so many lovely reviews :)

2013/09/16 - 00:02

Phyllidia (Signed )8: Chapter Eight
Ah, so he had to be able to trust as well.  And there was a kiss.  *sigh*

Author's Response:

Ah, kisses *big sigh*

2013/09/15 - 23:55

Phyllidia (Signed )7: Chapter Seven
Wonderful chapter.  Thanks.

Author's Response: No, thank you, my lovely!
2013/09/15 - 23:43

Phyllidia (Signed )6: Chapter Six
Hmm I am hoping this means that Severus achieved his goal by gaining her trust.  :)

Author's Response:

Ooh, so close!

2013/09/15 - 23:30

Phyllidia (Signed )5: Chapter Five
Lovely chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you
2013/09/15 - 23:17

Phyllidia (Signed )4: Chapter Four
Soooo Hermione is a Snape fangirl too huh? Interesting...

Author's Response: It's just a few press cuttings... and that interview... a couple of articles...
2013/09/15 - 23:07

Phyllidia (Signed )3: Chapter Three
Hmm, wondering if Severus is supposed to make a friend.  He could do worse.  Lovely story, thanks!

Author's Response: Ooh, very close for such an early chapter! Glad you enjoyed it this far :)
2013/09/15 - 22:54

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