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Reviews for Shall We Begin Anew?


Jinxie (Signed )2: Two
*snigger*  Really enjoyed this story.  Thanks for sharing!
2015/10/09 - 08:36

Jinxie (Signed )1: One
Lovely little story.  Enjoying the dramatics just nicely.  Looking forward to seeing what this potion she created did...
2015/10/09 - 08:07

littleone17 (Signed )2: Two
Thank you! This is a wonderful, fluffy story. I've read it several times before and enjoy it every time I reread it. I also love the introduction of Sam, her strength and sense of self is beautiful. And Hermione's willingness to support her is heartwarming. Thank you.
2014/08/07 - 23:02

sunny33 (Signed )2: Two
Seamus Penis rave  *giggles* :)
2013/07/14 - 05:57

sunny33 (Signed )1: One
She took a bit of convincing! :)
2013/07/14 - 05:41

gersknightlady (Signed )2: Two

LOL what and ending, I enjoyed this little romp very much.

Excellent !

2013/07/10 - 00:58

just harry (Signed )2: Two
This story was so good, loved it.   You have made two people come alive again.   The people you wrght about  are so real I feel I have know them for a long time.  
2013/07/09 - 21:50

mikimoto (Signed )2: Two

Always a treat to read a story from you. 

When I saw the roles Molly and Ron were playing, I felt like someone should have said "Round up the usual suspects."  But I guess no one ever suspects the Weasleys (just like no one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition).

Thank you for posting it here.

2013/07/09 - 20:00

Grace52373 (Anonymous )2: Two
I am happy to see you writing again! You are one of my favorites! I loved this story, and how you kept me in suspense till the very end! I am glad that Hermione was cleared and that she and Severus can have a future together! I hate that he died in the stories! I felt bad for Sam. I am religious and even though I don't agree with homosexual relationships, the bible also says not to judge. People seem to forget that.
2013/07/09 - 18:47

Sampdoria (Signed )2: Two
I love this story, it is brilliant!!!
2013/07/09 - 15:46

sevibaby (Signed )2: Two
I throughly enjoyed reading this.  I have come to like adult Hermione and Severus stories more.  This was very well written and I love how Raven/Severus redeems Hermione.  Harry can be a complete dunderhead, but at least he try's.
2013/07/09 - 14:39


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