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Reviews for Murder Most Fowl


mick42 (Signed )3: Chapter 3
OMG! What a cliffie, what has happened to Teddy and Draco? and will Phaedra ever get to tell Severus what is on her mind? Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out. 

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing.  I hope to submit the next chapter soon.
2014/10/29 - 05:51

mick42 (Signed )2: Chapter 2
First the peacocks, now little Teddy, are they conected?

Author's Response: That's a very good question.  I hope you'll keep reading to find out.
2014/10/28 - 23:55

oddgrrl (Signed )3: Chapter 3
I love agatha Christie type stories. Mystery at a manor house party. Bunch of people with motives. Love it! Keep updating. 

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying this so far.  I was going for an Agatha Christie tone to the story because I enjoy them, too.  :)
2014/10/19 - 18:43

mick42 (Signed )1: Chapter 1
I don't see Draco and Daphne still engaged, when all is said and done. Pansy wil have to be a major suspect {"hell hath no fury" and all that}. On to the next chapter to see what happens next.

Author's Response: I'm glad you've enjoyed the first chapter.  I can promise that Draco's engagement will be resolved by the end of the story.
2014/10/17 - 06:30

HM_Roberts (Signed )2: Chapter 2
Oh, I DO hope this story hasn't been abandoned?!? That "cliffie" would simply curdle my tea! ;) Seriously, I truly hope you will continue this delightful whodunit as I have been enjoying it immensely.  Well-written and paced, engaging character development (esp. The Malfoys!) and a "sucks you in" plot - who could ask for more?

Author's Response: Sorry to take so long responding to your kind review, but I didn't get a notification.  Chapter 3 is now posted, and chapter 4 will be submitted soon.  I'm so glad you have been enjoying the story!
2014/07/01 - 16:44

roon0 (Signed )2: Chapter 2
Fantastic, I am so looking forward to more. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review!
2013/07/22 - 13:43

roon0 (Signed )1: Chapter 1
I am already loving this story.  I do so enjoy country house mysteries.

Author's Response: I had a great time writing the setting.  I hope you continue to enjoy exploring Malfoy Manor!
2013/07/22 - 10:52

reader76 (Signed )2: Chapter 2
Hmmm, Narcissa thinks someone is after the Black heirs.  Interesting.   I'm curious about Grandmother Malfoy.  I generally find that character adds an interesting dimension to stories when she is still with us.  Will we get to meet her?

I'm also curious about the Daphne/Astoria angle here.  You've painted Astoria as the more interesting sister, and yet he proposed to Daphne. 

Author's Response: The story will explore the Malfoys, the Blacks, and Daphne and Astoria in greater detail.  I hope you continue to enjoy.
2013/07/11 - 13:15

gurlimargrethe (Signed )2: Chapter 2
great story looking forward to following it. Like your Hermione and Severus very much ( and the other characters )

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!  I'm glad you're enjoying the characters.
2013/07/11 - 02:48

just harry (Signed )2: Chapter 2
I do so like a good mystery,  Severus & Hermionie to the rescue.  I'm sure they will be able to figure it out between them.  Very good lead in to the story with the peafowls as a cover.  Great chapter looking forward to the next one.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing.  I'm glad you like it so far!
2013/07/10 - 20:38

charliesangel10 (Signed )1: Chapter 1
Interesting.  What will happen next?

Author's Response: Well, if you've read Chapter 2, part of your question has been answered... although, not too many, I hope.  :)
2013/07/07 - 15:09

AuntieL (Signed )1: Chapter 1
So Draco is engaged to Daphne, not Astoria? Hm... I don't think Pansy cares WHICH Greengrass he's engaged to. :) Interesting story. I look forward to seeing where it goes. 

Author's Response: The story will explore the Daphne/Astoria angle in greater detail.  I hope you continue to enjoy.  Thanks for reviewing.
2013/07/05 - 19:12

jectex (Signed )1: Chapter 1
And so the mystery begins...

Author's Response: I hope you will enjoy it!
2013/07/04 - 06:51

Bear0922 (Signed )1: Chapter 1
Let me guess? Portia is a peacock? Murder most FOWL?? Gotta admit it took me a minute to realize the play on spelling. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: If you've read the next chapter, you will by now know who Portia is.  :)
2013/07/04 - 02:17


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