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Reviews for The Owl and the Raven

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michael kors handbag jet set chain shoulder tote (Anonymous )1: One
Is it okay to reference part of this on my website if I post a link back to this site?
2014/05/24 - 05:08

phoenix (Signed )10: Ten
Love the ending. I always suspected Severus enjoyed some aspects of teaching (obviously not the exploding cauldrons) and I love Hermione's reaction to being a bird.

Author's Response: Thank you!
I'm very happy you enjoyed this.
2014/05/04 - 14:42

phoenix (Signed )9: Nine
Yay! More than one problem mostly solved. I bet they were very glad to be able to leave the castle.
2014/05/04 - 13:11

phoenix (Signed )8: Eight
I like the idea that Severus would have not only done his best to spare the students the harshest punishment, but also the elflings. And now to see what he has to report.
2014/05/04 - 11:13

HBAR (Signed )10: Ten
Strangely enough, it hadn't occurred to me to wonder where the owl in the title came from.  Now I know.  This was a lovely ending to a fun story.
2014/03/19 - 22:53

HBAR (Signed )9: Nine
Yay, they're making progress on both the castle and their relationship.  Let's get this castle happy so they can get back to the kissing thing!
2014/03/19 - 22:47

HBAR (Signed )8: Eight
Boy, time flies.   I'm glad this is done and ready for my reading pleasure.  This will be short and sweet as I'm on my phone, but this chapter was as good as those before it.  I hope we've turned a corner now that Severus is helping research, and maybe the Bloody Baron finally spilled what he knows.  And Blinky, bless her heart, is just as worried as Hermione.  I'm surprised she didn't race her to that hug.  And just why is Severus dishevelled?
2014/03/17 - 22:11

pygmypuff (Signed )10: Ten
Really lovely story, thank you :):)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing :)
2013/12/18 - 15:08

littleone17 (Signed )10: Ten
A very sweet story. Definitely one I will read again. Thank you for sharing. 

Author's Response: Thank you!
I'm glad you enjoyed this :)
2013/11/17 - 18:59

maria (Signed )10: Ten
Great story :)))

Author's Response: Thank you!
2013/11/13 - 23:23

braye27 (Signed )10: Ten
A lovely ending to a very lovely tale.  There is ample room for a happy future together for our Owl and Raven, and this makes me very happy!

Thank you for posting this wonderful story!


Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely reviews!
I'm very happy you enjoyed this!
2013/11/02 - 05:41

braye27 (Signed )9: Nine
  YAY!!!  Hogwart's magical balance is on its way to complete restoration, and I think Severus and Hermione are reaching their own sense of balance as well.  I wonder if the Room of Requirement will be restored, too?

Lovely chapter! 


2013/11/02 - 05:32

braye27 (Signed )8: Eight
What a sweet chapter!  Even if Hermione has had to spend a few antsy hours worrying about Severus, she and Blinky had a chance to talk about "The Headmaster" and she learn a few things she hadn't known- like saving the elflings.

I'm so glad Hermione hugged him when he came to her rooms!  And why is he so pale and dishevelled?  His talk with the Bloody Baron must have really surprised and upset him.  I have to go find out what happened!


2013/11/01 - 17:22

braye27 (Signed )7: Seven
Severus and Hermione are taking their time... feeling each other out so to speak... and I hope they'll get over their shyness and pickup the threads of their friendship as they research this problem with the castle.

Another thing I'm curious about is what exactly happened ten years ago when Severus left.  Did he go before he was cursed into remaining in his Animagus form or after?  Where did he go for his "walk?"  What took him so long to come back to Hermione's house? 

I'm off to find out what happens next in this wonderful story!


2013/11/01 - 16:22

Phyllidia (Signed )10: Ten
Great story, thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you!
2013/10/28 - 02:57

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