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Reviews for Just Business

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chocolab (Signed )1: Chapter One
Hello. I just wanted to say what a wonderful writer you are. I hope you will continue with this story. i'm off now to look your bio up. Have a nice weekend. :)
2017/03/19 - 19:08

jadecadence (Signed )7: Chapter Seven
I liked the brisk pace of the letters. I think their face-to-face encounter could be shaped a bit more for intensity,.. but nevermind. 
2014/09/29 - 03:25

jadecadence (Signed )6: Chapter Six
I'm suspending my disbelief that HG can be so dense. I'm still not convinced but perhaps I can give her the benefit of the doubt that she was distracted with other things. 
2014/09/29 - 03:19

jadecadence (Signed )1: Chapter One
I loved the "Original Prompt" :D and i guess you must have too, otherwise you wouldn't have started this fan-fic! 
2014/09/29 - 03:13

jessajohns (Signed )7: Chapter Seven
I love the exchange of letters in the chapter.  Well done!
2014/09/28 - 17:49

mick42 (Signed )7: Chapter Seven
The letters are truely fun, they both seem to exprees themselves so much better in the written word. Two peas in a pod, it seems. 
2014/09/26 - 01:27

Phyllidia (Signed )7: Chapter Seven
I really enjoy letter stories.  :)
2014/09/25 - 00:43

Phyllidia (Signed )6: Chapter Six
So I'm thinking the puzzle is that she fancies Snape.  Crooks obviously approves.
2014/09/25 - 00:24

Phyllidia (Signed )5: Chapter Five
Enjoyable chapter.  Thanks for sharing.
2014/09/25 - 00:06

Phyllidia (Signed )4: Chapter Four
Forgiveness and naked ladies.  What a fun-filled chapter.
2014/09/24 - 23:54

Phyllidia (Signed )3: Chapter Three
Oh my.  Well, at least she got to air her grievances.
2014/09/24 - 23:35

Phyllidia (Signed )2: Chapter Two

Enjoyable chapter.  Thanks for sharing.
2014/09/24 - 23:16

Phyllidia (Signed )1: Chapter One
Great start with a suitably snarky Snape.
2014/09/24 - 22:40

MsTree (Signed )7: Chapter Seven
Epistolary commentary can be so much fun to write, can't it? ^_^
2014/09/23 - 14:41

mick42 (Signed )6: Chapter Six
Solving the puzzle that is Severus Snape, sounds like something that could take a lifetime or two.
2014/08/09 - 06:22

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