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Reviews for Hexed!

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jadecadence (Signed )7: Epilogue: And They Lived Happily Enough…
a much better story than 'wolf of wall street' :)
2014/01/13 - 07:52

Gemini Sister (Signed )6: Lost in Translation
Brilliantly written and hillarious story. What a plot lol Thanks for making me chortle from beginning through to its happy ending.
2013/10/21 - 08:04

TheCopperDragon2004 (Signed )7: Epilogue: And They Lived Happily Enough…
I think this is the weirdest story I've ever read, next to the story of the Hogwarts castle and the giant squid shagging (which I read out of sheer curiosity!). Lol. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd love to know how on earth you came up with the storyline though lol.
2013/10/10 - 20:20

noodle (Signed )7: Epilogue: And They Lived Happily Enough…
The best of magics indeed!  It seems that Severus' rather cruel words to Hagrid in C2 might have, in some strange law of universal justice, come back to teach him a lesson in the form of his offspring's intelligence.  To me, it looks as though he's learned it (until the next dunderhead annoys him).
2013/07/09 - 20:24

phoenix (Signed )7: Epilogue: And They Lived Happily Enough…
I can only imagine what Hagrid's version of the story was to the kids. Though I can utterly see Snape's version coming out of his mouth.
2013/07/09 - 09:51

phoenix (Signed )6: Lost in Translation
So funny that Severus actually doesn't seem to want the curse broken, but he seems to have gotten over that. Hopefully Minerva will have Hagrid thinking twice about using Giant curses in the future.
2013/07/09 - 09:49

mick42 (Signed )7: Epilogue: And They Lived Happily Enough…
They would seem to be very happy indeed, the children's names were inspired, and I love God father Hagrid.
2013/07/09 - 00:14

mick42 (Signed )6: Lost in Translation
All's well ,that ends well, I suppose, but that kind of "madness" lasts a long time.
2013/07/08 - 23:58

noodle (Signed )6: Lost in Translation
~Applauding!~ Still a bit shaken over the prospect of half-an-hour's eye contact with a furious Scottish headmistress ~cringes~. 

Poor Hagrid... All I can say is: he'd better be very careful when relieving himself.  Claws, you know ;o)
2013/07/04 - 17:43

MsTree (Signed )6: Lost in Translation
This isn't the end, is it? ^_^
2013/07/03 - 19:53

noodle (Signed )5: A Little Help from My… Friends?
Heeee!! Love the way Hagrid handled three rather annoyed colleagues - sounds a bit pleased with himself, so he does (so he should!!).  Give that giant a tankard of ale!  Meanwhile... poor Hermione... stuck somewhere between a sandwich and a hand-witch.  
2013/06/19 - 15:45

Phyllidia (Signed )5: A Little Help from My… Friends?
Handmione.  <snerk...giggle...guffaw>  Ah the images in my head.

Speaking of Skeeter, this would have been a completely different story had she been 'at hand'.

Keep up good yet odd work. 
2013/06/17 - 21:54

phoenix (Signed )5: A Little Help from My… Friends?
Oh, my. Well the cat is most of the way out of the bag. They'd better hope Hagrid can fix this, for his sake.
2013/06/17 - 16:05

phoenix (Signed )4: My Friends Are Like Mushrooms: I Try to Keep Them in the Dark and Feed Them Bullshit
Now that Minerva knows, I'm interested in how long this will be going on. At least they have accepted the situation.
2013/06/17 - 15:53

Isode (Signed )5: A Little Help from My… Friends?


I would really like to know where your mind was when you conceived this story. It's weird, in an utterly fantastic way and has brought a little lightness to my heart which I really needed after reading the wonderful Subversa's update.

Author's Response: I wish I could take full credit, but the truth is that my mind was pretty much stuck at "How on Earth can I make noxiaa's prompt work in a non-squicky way?"

Because I'd been dying to write it from the moment the prompts came out, and I knew just who should cast the spell, and I crossed my fingers and toes that the mods would give the prompt to me, and then they did, and I was so happy, and then—

And then I was completely flummoxed over how to get Hagrid of all people close enough to Snape to wave a wand.

But after I got over that bit, my mind was where you might guess it was. :P

Isode's response: Then we should bow down to the gods who gave the mods such excellent insight. Looking forward to more!
2013/06/14 - 08:41

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