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Reviews for Framing Hermione

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hisnhers (Signed )10: 25th of December 2018
--sniff-- That's so sweet. He's actually shocked and basically speechless! Very nice. A library... excellent choice.

Author's Response: It felt fitting. I bored Snape is a sad thing and he deserved better. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.
2015/03/06 - 19:41

roni0811 (Signed )2: 19th of August 1998
like the plot.. hope they find severus's painting..

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story too.
2014/01/03 - 19:06

jadecadence (Signed )5: 30th of October 2014
what is demiguise miss hodgkins nick about? also you are a wonderful writer with genius moments!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the read.

A demiguise is a creature that can makes itself invisible when frightened. It is also used as the symbol for number 0 in Ancient Runes. So, Severus is being very mean to poor Miss Hodkins. And than you again: nice reviews is what keeps me writing.
2013/11/16 - 17:58

jectex (Signed )23: 1st of March 2020
Severus you sly fox...  Getting Hermione to become headmistress.  Even if you tried to stop things at the last moment. 

Author's Response: Sly indeed. But not a bored portrait anymore ... Thank you for reading and reviewing.
2013/08/07 - 14:28

Cerydden M_Layne (Signed )23: 1st of March 2020
I would appreciate another story set in this universe, but please give it a happy ending!  I'm a happy ending junkie.  I understand the point in your earlier authori's note about how this story could have just gone on and on without really ending.  There are many stories that start out with a unique concept like this and then sort of ramble all over the farmyard until you don't even get excited about seeing an update anymore.  So, I think you chose wisely and hope you'll be inspired to write more soon!  Thanks for your work!

Author's Response: And I'm just so terrible when I try to write an outright happy ending. I might try. I can't garantee anything though. I'm so glad, even though the ending was not quite happy, that you can see why I made the choice to end it here. And I am inspired to write more. Reviews like yours and several others that has been kind enough to comment on this story makes the writing worth while. Thank you for reading and reviewing.
2013/08/04 - 07:33

mick42 (Signed )23: 1st of March 2020
Let me start by saying, I really enjoyed this story. I like an open ending, it gives the imagination a chance to work, but leaving Hermione asleep feel a little unfinished. I look forward to a stand alone piece in the future. 

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed the ending. 
I do see your point as far as Hermione goes, however, I do have a bit of an explanation for that choice:
The prompter of the story asked for a fic that moved within the bounds of cannon (the books) and explored portriathood with Hg/SS as the gruding and bickering pairing who later ended up as friends. Oh, and I wasn't allowed to bring back Snape to the land of the living (which reminds me that I need that add the prompt to the story). I reached the point where I felt I had done my best to fill the prompters whises but when I tried to wake Hermione up it didn't work well at all, and I felt it detracted from the story rather than adding to it so I decided that this was indeed the end.Thank you for reading and reviewing. It's been so nice to have you along, and getting reviews and feedback like yours make me want to continue writing.
2013/08/03 - 06:37

sunny33 (Signed )23: 1st of March 2020
I liked the ending.  We can imagine the rest. :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad tou liked it. Open ends are a bit difficult to write but I couldn't see it end any other way. Thank you for being with my story to the end. Your kind reviews means a lot to me.
2013/08/02 - 21:58

draegon_fire (Signed )23: 1st of March 2020
I'm actually sad to see the story end here. I would love to know how things are between them after she wakes up. Perhaps an epilogue, or a companion piece. I would also like to know how she handles being a portrait; what about her kids? Don't get me wrong, I loves the story, but it seems that you ended it with more questions.

Author's Response: Hi again. So, now you know ... most of it anyway. In any case: I like to read stories with open endings, and I suppose that's why I tend to write most of my stories that way. As far as Hermione and Ron's children goes I felt really bad for them while writing this story. The same goes for the other characters that, you know, died, in this story.

I do leave the readers with a lot of questions, I realise that. The reason is that this story mainly deals with portraitship and how Severus copes and to a certain extent changes as a portrait.

This story also had the potential (or rather it risked) plottering on endlessly without really coming to an end. When everything was said and done, this was where it, to my mind, were supposed to end.

I'm very happyand flattered that you liked it enough to want it to continue for a while longer. I don't think an epilogue will ever happen. A stand alone companion piece might.

Thank you so much for following my story and thank you for your generous and kind reviews.
2013/08/02 - 06:11

sunny33 (Signed )22: Afternoon of the 8th of February 2020
I hope he keesp his regrets to himself.  It will do her no good to hear them. :)

Author's Response: He is a smart man our Severus ... at least for the most part, so I hope so too ... ;)
2013/07/28 - 07:48

MlleGigi (Signed )22: Afternoon of the 8th of February 2020

Well, it looks as if I called it -- unfortunately.  While there could be a bright side to this -- i.e., Severus will finally have an opportunity to be with Hermione -- something tells me that he won't allow that to happen now because he blames himself for being unable to warn her in time.  As I said before, can we at least hope that Winky will be brought to justice?

Death to Winky!!!

Author's Response: I always thought that Winky is one of the creepiest characters in the Potterverse, and to me  ... well, she was the obvious choice in this case. By now you know how it ended, and I want to take the opportunity to thank you for following the story and all of your feedback and kind reviews. It means a lot and inspires to write more.
2013/07/27 - 08:31

mick42 (Signed )22: Afternoon of the 8th of February 2020
I do hope Hermione forgives Severus, he tried to warn her. What will happen to Winky, how is an insane house elf handled, and what of Rose and Hugo, How will they cope with their mothers death?  

Author's Response: A lot of qustions which I can not answar I'm afrad. Thank you for reading and reviewing.
2013/07/26 - 22:09

draegon_fire (Signed )22: Afternoon of the 8th of February 2020
Poor Severus. He tried so hard. Severus isn't to blame, even though he thinks so. Yes, he was tempted to allow Hermione to be killed, but in the end he decided not to. That has to count for something. I don't think Hermione will blame him either. I just feel bad for her kids.

Author's Response: Well. You know now, since the last chapter is up. I felt it was difficult to answer your review as long as that last chapter was up. You'll get a bit more in your last review. Thank you for following my story and being generous with your reviews.
2013/07/26 - 21:01

sunny33 (Signed )21: The early morning of the 8th of February 2020
Uh oh.  Amnesia isn't good! :0

Author's Response: No. Not all. Very bad. More to come ...
2013/07/22 - 21:21

cenicienta (Signed )21: The early morning of the 8th of February 2020
Oh well. The desicion is been taking away from him. Great update, thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing. More to come ...
2013/07/22 - 18:56

mick42 (Signed )21: The early morning of the 8th of February 2020
You do know how to keep a reader in suspense, don't you?. Poor Severus, I do hope he makes the right choice, for him and Hermione.  

Author's Response: Thank you. That is such a lovely complment. Thank you for reading and reviewing.
2013/07/21 - 18:33

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