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Reviews for Crow and Firefly


GryffKat (Signed )1: One-shot

Shame on me too. I also just noticed the story. I do love your writing. This is very dramatic and of course I would love to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! *hugs*
mail me your adress (sc.leonhard@googlemail.com) and you'll get a copy.
2013/01/10 - 20:23

HBAR (Signed )1: One-shot
Well, that's quite a place to leave us! Just who/what is this crow? I love your stories and have no doubt this one will be great as well.

My New Year's confession is this: I still have not read the last one you sent me: Tainted Soul.  I just started back to school when you sent it and I had a brutal year and had to table it.  Now, I have a big long break and it is near the top of my todo list.  Not that you necessarily noticed, but I have felt guilty for not telling you what I thought of it.  I will do that as soon as I get a chance to sit down with it.

I am glad you are having success.  I think you are quite talented.

Author's Response: You'll have to read the complete story to find out who the crow is ;-) Should I manage to find your mailadress (must be somewhere...) I'll send you the story and hope you'll find the time to read it. I am sorry to hear you had a hard year. I truly hope this one will be easier on you! Going back to school - huh, I shudder just thinking about it. (well, I might have to go back to school, too, but at least as a teacher).
Looking foward to hear your final words on TS, dear, and thank you very much for reading and reviewing this little piece here!
2012/12/31 - 23:23

kittylefish (Signed )1: One-shot
wow, you know things are slow here on tpp when you don't get any reviews for your wonderfully inventive story. 

Author's Response: *hugs you*
Thanks, hon!
2012/12/30 - 19:22

sunny33 (Signed )1: One-shot
I figured it was no ordinary crow.  Why so desperate? :)

Author's Response: Whoohoot! A review! A real review!
I'm aware that ofics are not as well read as sshg, but still, the zero hurt... so glad you read and left a review and the complete story is on the way to you. Thanks, dear, and I hope you'll enjoy the rest. At least I will give an explanation for the crow's desperation. And a bit more.

sunny33's response: Took me a while to notice this one was up!
2012/12/04 - 15:52


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